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Digital Operations Platform

About Marello

Marello is a Digital Operations Platform for B2C and B2B commerce. It offers a flexible solution that allows you to sell on any channel while unifying your back-office operations. With Marello, (e)commerce businesses gain a powerful set of features including comprehensive Order Management, Inventory Management, Product Management, and more. 

Quit spending time on unnecessary manual operations and keeping track of your operations in spreadsheets. Enable a true omnichannel experience with lower operational risk, lower operating costs, and increased revenues in a powerful unified solution.

What we do

Traditionally many businesses have combined solutions to manage their digital operations. They are now facing integration mazes, in which solutions lack the ability to fully communicate with each other. We saw many businesses struggle with this and thought: wouldn’t it be great to bring the operations handled in these separate solutions together into one platform?

That is why we created a Digital Operations Platform. Marello breaks down data silos and brings together back-office operations into a single solution. It gives your business what it needs most: a space in which operations are streamlined, in which your employees can work together, and which allows for great customer experiences.

How we do it

Marello DOP unifies your commerce operations. Marello allows you to connect your sales channels such as webshops, marketplaces, POS, and social channels to one central solution. Once your sales channels and warehouses are connected you can start managing orders, inventory, customers, fulfillment, and much more all within one platform. This will help you to create great customer experiences while also cutting down on costs and increasing revenues.

Why we do it

When you sell in multiple online and offline channels, managing omnichannel commerce processes can become a challenge. The omnichannel concept does not only recognize the range of sales channels available, but also considers interactions that consumers may have before, during, and after purchase. In short, omnichannel commerce is a sales strategy that focuses on providing a seamless customer experience through multiple sales channels.

You need to manage complex backoffice processes to keep up with customer expectations. To do so efficiently, an integrated solution needs to be in place. Marello offers a solution to cater to your omnichannel strategy and will help you to achieve omnichannel excellence.

Helping Businesses Grow

We provide many unique use cases to help businesses in different verticals. Take a look at our success stories to find out more.
  • Coffee Friend

    Coffee Friend

    The Coffee Friend is an international omnichannel retailer for coffee and coffee machines, operating in Europe. They are active in 6 companies in different countries.
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  • Skil


    Skil offers a wide range of power tools for DIY and gardening. To ensure a product is suited to a certain market, Skil sells its products in many variants due to, for example, the power plug or country regulations.
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  • Recommerce Group
    Refurbished Smartphones

    Recommerce Group

    Recommerce Group sells, refurbishes, and buys back second-hand smartphones. They propose a wide range of premium quality products under their own brand: Recommerce.
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  • Monthly Clubs

    Monthly Clubs

    MonthlyClubs offers six high-quality club program subscriptions. the club program allows ordering from different beer, wine, cigar, cheese, chocolate and flower clubs.
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