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Refurbished Smartphones

Recommerce Group

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Recommerce Group sells, refurbishes, and buys back second-hand smartphones. They propose a wide range of premium quality products under their own brand: Recommerce. Products are sold in webshops and marketplaces and Recommerce also engages in buyback solutions and dedicated services to give mobile devices a second life. They are working with renowned European retailers worldwide. ReCommerce is part of Next40, the index for the 40 fastest-growing French companies.

Marello & Recommerce group

The Challenge

Recommerce Group had been struggling with the decentralized management of its omnichannel back-office processes. Their sales were spread across a B2C webshop, B2B webshop, and marketplaces in 25 countries. As a result, managing sales, inventory, and other aspects of the business required multiple software applications and an outdated ERP system. This not only led to decentralized management, but also unnecessary integrations and high maintenance costs.

To address these challenges, Recommerce Group was in search of a unified platform that could streamline their inventory, order management, offline B2B orders, supplier management, and invoicing across all channels.


Recommerce Group successfully implemented Marello DOP as their central solution. The implementation integrated their B2C webshop, B2B webshop, manual B2B orders, and marketplace sales channels, resulting in unified management of their back-office processes related to sales. 

As a result, their operations were simplified, saving them valuable time and reducing maintenance costs. With the implementation of Marello, Recommerce Group was able to focus more on their sales processes, which led to a significant growth and increase in sales.

The Platform

Marello has a central role in Recommerce’s commerce architecture. Marello is integrated with its custom ERP, a B2C Magento webshop, a B2B OroCommerce webshop, OroCRM, and Akeneo PIM.

  • Magento
  • OroCommerce
  • Akeneo PIM
  • ERP
  • Neteven
  • Marketplaces ( o.a Amazon)