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 A computer with graphs on it, showing how Marello's Business Intelligence works

Business Intelligence

Measure KPI’s, cater to your strategies, reach business goals

Analyzing data and creating reports has is a valuable strategy to measure KPI’s which are needed to cater the strategies that are required to reach business goals. With Marello’s reports and segments in Business Intelligence, you can set up analyses to get the information you need to monitor your business, such as best selling products and revenue per sales channel.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate guesswork. Make sure decisions are data and insight-driven, not taken by gut feeling. Analyze data in real-time for making immediate decisions.

  • Track KPIs. Drill down into your data to see what is happening and see what you can do to improve your business.

  • Improve efficiency. Marello's Business Intelligence solution will save a lot of time by giving you insights within seconds.

  • Identify new revenue opportunities. Obtain insights about potential opportunities, create new offers to adjust to the current market situation and improve customer satisfaction.


Make smarter decisions. The robust business intelligence dashboard and reporting engine create actionable insight into data. Use the comprehensive reporting engine to track key business KPIs, understand business patterns.

Drive strategic actions by tracking your sales, revenue, returns for all sales channels. Set up custom reports, create segments and always have real-time insight into your performance across channels.

Build Custom Reports

Every business wants insights into specific data. Sometimes, standard reporting just isn’t enough. In Marello, you can build custom reports with any type of data that is available in the system. Use these reports to improve your sales, set up specific marketing actions or adapt internal processes.

Frequently Asked Questions