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Product Management

Establish a single place to create and manage your products

Maintain consistent product information across your sales channels with a master list of your products. Establish a single place to create and manage your product information and distribute it to your sales and eCommerce channels.

Key Benefits

  • Speed up the time to market. Get your products into the market faster across multiple channels and regions.

  • Expand your product offerings. Spend less time managing products and more time by expanding your product catalog.

  • Increase sales conversion rates. Add complete product information to ensure more purchases and fewer returns.

Create and Manage Products

Establish a single place to manage your product information and distribute it to your sales channels. With Marello’s product management tools, create products, add prices, taxes, variants, categories and determine in which channels products should be sold.

  • Creating Products

    Create products by importing your product information via excel or .csv file or add them manually. Products get assigned to sales channels, warehouses, and inventory levels, giving a comprehensive overview of how many items are available.

  • Categories

    Add products to product categories. Assigning products the right category makes sure they end up in the right location in your sales channels. For example, connecting items to the corresponding menu items in your webshop.

  • Variants

    A variant group is a group of products having common attributes, for instance a variant group of T-shirts can include same model of T-shirt ‘V-neck T-shirts’ with variation axes: color and size.

Pricing Strategies

Prices can be the same or completely different across channels. Marello makes sure the right prices are shown in all of your channels. With Marello’s product management tools, set default prices as well as product prices, and special prices, based on currency or Sales Channel.

  • Default Prices

    Easily set a standard price that will be used in all your channels. Save valuable time as there is no need to manually add prices for all your Sales Channels.

  • Sales Channel Pricing

    Selling in multiple channels? The prices of your products may differ per Sales Channel. Manage prices for your Sales Channels in one centralized place.

  • Currencies

    When products are sold in multiple countries, you are dealing with currencies. Set your prices in multiple currencies and add the corresponding taxes.