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Purchasing/ Replenishment Management

Marello offers robust supplier relationship management out of the box. Whether your procurement processes are complex or simple, Marello's workflow engine helps design, automate, and manage any PO processes, reducing manual work. Enhance PO efficiency, visibility, and control, efficiently allocate POs across warehouse locations and sales channels for optimal inventory strategy.

Key Benefits

Choose preferred shipping methods, whether you ship from a central warehouse, dropship or fulfill orders from a brick-and-mortar store.
Save valuable time and money by having Marello's fulfillment system automatically route your orders based on optimal business rules.
BOPIS: Buy online, pick up in store. Fulfill and ship orders from brick-and-mortar stores.
Automate the creation of packing slips for your orders, print them, or send them by email.

Efficient Purchase Management with Marello

Discover Marello’s robust purchase management features designed to optimize inventory control and streamline operations. The Unified Platform seamlessly integrates supplier information, simplifying Purchase Order approval workflows. Automated inventory allocation across warehouses and sales channels ensures optimal distribution of inventory. The All-in-One system offers real-time tracking of purchase order statuses and provides insights through custom reports. Product replenishment is automated and streamlined, providing insights into inventory levels and reorder requirements. Ensuring efficient supplier management, from adding preferred suppliers to tracking order history. Marello’s system generates precise Purchase Advice, maintaining optimal stock levels and minimizing stockouts for smooth operations.

Core procurement features

  • Unified Platform
    Seamlessly integrate information relating to your suppliers and set up workflows to match your approval processes. Have your teams check and approve Purchase Orders with only a few clicks. Automated inventory allocation across your warehouses and sales channels. All this in one Unified Platform at one single location.
  • All-in-One system
    Purchase orders and replenishment management are cardinal processes to optimize your inventory levels across your warehouses and sales channels. It is vital to have process transparency and visibility. Check the status of any purchase order. Analyze and optimize your processes with custom reports and analytics. All this work can be done on one single platform.
  • Automation
    With a purchase order management system, it’s easy to find products that need to be purchased. Marello’s extensive automation solution streamlines PO creation, order placement and product replenishment. Gain insight into current inventory levels and allocated inventory and set reorder levels accordingly. Stay ahead of the competition and avoid inventory shortages.
  • Scalability
    Implement your omnichannel strategies to grow your business. Now you can efficiently add and manage sales channels and warehouses to support optimal growth of your business. Whether you are upscaling or downscaling, or adding or changing operations, it’s all possible
  • Suppliers
    Marello provides easy and efficient supplier management. Add your favorite suppliers, and their prices for products, prioritize which suppliers should be used for purchase orders, view recent orders, receipts, invoices, payments, received items, and more…
  • Purchase Advice
    Purchase management can be a time-consuming task. The inventory control system keeps track of your inventory levels and products that need to be purchased. By generating purchase advice you will never run out of products in your warehouses and sales channels.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to use multiple shipping strategies at once?

Marello support multiple shipping strategies, including dropshipping, split-shipments, ship-from-store, BOPIS, and more. It is possible to use multiple shipping strategies, based on the location of the buyer, location of the warehouse, or sales channel an order was placed in.

Does Marello integrate with my 3PL?

Marello integrates with many 3PL’s, making sure shipping information is sent out, and orders are sent to your customers.

Are shipping labels and packing labels created?

Marello automatically creates shipping labels and packing labels. These are customizable and will show your logo and preferred shipping information.

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