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Inventory Management

At-a-glance control over what’s in stock

Inventory Management is an important part of any commerce business. It includes controlling and tracking inventory, storage of inventory, and controlling the amount of product for sale. Ensure sufficient inventory levels in all channels. Provide yourself with at-a-glance control over what’s in stock where with Marello's Inventory Management System.

Key Benefits

  • Gain real-time visibility.

  • Insights into inventory statuses with user definable alerts.

  • Synchronize your sales channels and inventory accordingly.

  • Adjust inventory levels with each sale.

Real-Time Inventory

Whether you are a retailer, distributor or wholesaler, tracking inventory and being able to manage stock is a crucial part of your business. Marello’s Inventory Management lets businesses manage inventory across channels en inventory locations in one unified platform.

  • Real-Time Inventory Levels

    With Marello's Inventory Management software, you can keep track of inventory in real-time and track inventory mutations across sales channels and warehouses.

  • On Hand, Allocated, Virtual Inventory

    Know what inventory is available for sale. Some inventory may show up in inventory levels while they are already sold and not available for sale.

  • Inventory Batch Tracking

    Track inventory items that are received on a specific date, for specific costs for purposes as LIFO, FIFO, and FEFO.

Multi Source Inventory

Inventory can be kept at multiple locations. This means that managing them can take up a lot of time. Having all inventory locations in one unified platform helps to streamline how you manage and operate your inventory. Gain real-time insights and make smart purchasing decisions.

  • Add any Inventory Location

    Add any inventory location, whether they are sales channels, warehouses, distribution centers, or external drop shippers.

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  • International Capabilities

    Add any warehouse, no matter the location and allow for unlimited expansion.

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  • Brick-and-mortar store warehouses

    Inventory can be spread out across locations, including your brick-and-mortar stores. Use brick-and-mortar inventory to speed up delivery times, and offer a great customer experience.

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  • Ship-from-Store

    Use inventory from your store to fulfill orders. As a truly omnichannel process, the orders might have come from any channel, for example, a webshop. This makes the store into a new distribution hub.

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Procurement: Purchase Orders

Marello’s purchase solution makes sure companies buy the right amount of inventory, at their preferred suppliers, at the right price. Purchase order at preferred suppliers. Add your preferred suppliers, add product details, prices, and create purchase orders with just a few clicks.

  • Automate the Purchase Order Process

    With Marello's Purchase Order management tools, keeping track of inventory levels is easy. Use automation to streamline PO creation and order placement, saving you valuable time.

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  • Suppliers

    Supplier management with your suppliers in Marello is simple and efficient. Add your favorite suppliers, add their prices for products, prioritize which suppliers should be used for purchase orders, view recent orders, receipts, invoices, payments, received items, and more.

  • Purchase Advice

    Purchase management can be a time-consuming task. The inventory control system keeps track of your inventory levels and products that need to be purchased. By generating purchase advises you will never run out of products in your warehouses and sales channels.


Move inventory between warehouse locations and Sales Channels to ensure an optimal inventory strategy.

  • For Stores

    Never run out of products to sell: brick-and-mortar stores need frequent replenishment to keep their inventory levels up. In Marello, these processes are automated by assigning desired inventory levels to your Sales Channels.

  • For Warehouses

    Replenishment of your warehouses means moving products between warehouse locations when your demand shifts. Get a real-time overview of inventory levels in all Warehouses to set up an efficient warehouse replenishment stream.

  • Special Cases

    Sometimes, inventory can shift between warehouse locations and stores because of special cases such as recalling products from your sales channels or replacing old collections for a new inventory set.

Inventory Visibility

Showing customers what you have in stock, and where you have it, is a tactic that increases sales. Customers want certainty and reliability while shopping online. Ensure that the product they are about to order is actually in stock and will be delivered to them within a certain timeframe.

Inventory Balancing

Inventory Balancing is a method that ensures the availability of stock in all Sales Channels. The Inventory Balancer uses available inventory in different Warehouses and calculates the optimal inventory level for each Sales Channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many inventory locations does Marello support?

The Enterprise Edition supports as many inventory locations as are needed. Marello keeps track of inventory movements in and between all warehouses, depots, and stockrooms.

Does Marello track inventory in real-time?

All inventory mutations are tracked. Inventory may increase or decrease due to sales, returns, replenishment, or any other inventory movement. Marello tracks and updates the inventory levels in your preferred intervals.

Is inventory in-store supported?

In-store inventory is tracked with every sale that is made. By integrating with a POS tracking inventory is easy. Inventory may also be managed by hand – for example when items are shipped from store.

How do inventory batch tracking strategies work?

Smart inventory management is crucial for any product-oriented business. FIFO, LIFO, and FEFO are common inventory methods. Marello can actively support these methods in selecting which items need to be selected for fulfillment. Read more about it in our Knowledge Base.

Does Marello create Purchase Order advices based on low-stock items?

For each item, a desired stock level can be set. As soon as this level is reached, Marello will create a PO advice that can easily be turned into a Purchase Order with your preferred suppliers.