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The partner program is focused on system integrators and (e)Commerce development companies who want to provide the highest possible value to their customers. We want to promote Marello in the market with partners who have the skills and knowledge to deliver the best-tailored solution, while also focusing on providing high-quality software.

About the Partner Program

  • Partner Onboarding
    We want to give you the best kickstart possible. In the first year, we help you set up all you need for working with Marello. We will provide you with all marketing, sales, and technical tools to start any Marello project with your customers.
  • Joint Marketing and Sales
    We believe that being in a strong partnership means working together on realizing the best possible outcome. That’s why we will closely work together on marketing- and sales-related activities. Not to worry, we will not let you do all the work on your own. We will provide you with materials and work together on blogs and events.
  • Sharing is Caring
    As a Marello partner, you are in the best position to help merchants who are looking into Marello solutions or who are already using Marello. We will jointly promote Marello and share leads and opportunities, knowledge and support.

True Partners

Partnerships are a key part of our business strategy. We believe that together with partners we can make a positive impact in (e)Commerce businesses. Those who invest in Marello will experience how amazing a partnership can be, especially as it will result in business growth and improved ROI.

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