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International product management

SKIL offers a wide range of power tools for DIY and gardening. Since 1924, the company has sold more than 130 million tools and has received numerous awards. SKIL knows better than anyone that do-it-yourself jobs must be done quickly and easily. They, therefore, focus on the development of intelligent products that are affordable and easy to use. Skil is part of the Chervon Group, one of the main players in power tools worldwide.

Marello & Skil

The Challenge

Skil, a global manufacturer of power tools, has an extensive product catalog with a wide range of variants that are sold across different markets worldwide. To meet the requirements of specific regions and comply with local regulations, Skil offers various product variants that differ in features such as power plugs and voltage ratings.

With SKIL Europe managing online sites across 33 countries and supporting 28 different languages, choosing the appropriate product variants for each market is a complicated process. The challenge was to create a seamless experience for customers by ensuring that they could easily find the right products with the correct specifications for their region.


Skil faced a daunting challenge in selecting the right products and variants for each country, which was a time-consuming and manual process. However, after implementing Marello, Skil was able to set up a comprehensive logic that automates the process of pushing products to the appropriate channels based on market requirements.

With Marello, Skil can now streamline the selection of products across their sales channels and effectively manage their extensive product catalog. As a result, country managers now have more time to focus on other critical business tasks, and the risk of manual errors has been greatly reduced.

The platform

Marello plays a crucial role in SKIL’s commerce platform as it serves as the central hub for their operations. With Marello, SKIL was able to integrate their 33 sales channels that are based on Magento, their ERP system, and the WMS. 

As a result, they now have access to a centralized Digital Operations Platform that allows them to manage all aspects of their business operations efficiently. By utilizing Marello’s powerful tools, SKIL has been able to streamline their operations, reduce errors, and improve productivity across their entire organization.