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Product Management in 28 Countries

SKIL offers a wide range of power tools for DIY and gardening. Since 1924, the company has sold more than 130 million tools and has received numerous awards. SKIL knows better than anyone that do-it-yourself jobs must be done quickly and easily. They, therefore, focus on the development of intelligent products that are affordable and easy to use.

Skil is part of the Chervon Group, one of the main players in power tools worldwide.

28 Languages

130 Million Tools

33 Sales Channels World Wide


Skil has a complex product catalog with products that are sold worldwide. To ensure a product is suited to a certain market, Skil sells its products in many variants due to, for example, the power plug or country regulations.

SKIL Europe is responsible for all online sites in Europe as well as a number of countries outside the EU such as the Arab Emirates and South Africa. This makes up a total of 33 countries and 28 languages. Selecting the right products and variants is a complex task.


Selecting the right products and variants per country was a tedious manual task. Marello was implemented to set up an extensive logic that pushes products to the correct channels.

Marello streamlines Skil’s sales channel product selection and ensures efficient management of the product catalog and transactional product data. This saves country managers valuable time and leads to fewer manual errors.


Marello has a central role in SKIL’s commerce platform. They use Marello to integrate 33 sales channels based on Magento, their ERP system, and the WMS. By doing so, they have access to a central Digital Operations Platform for all their operations. 

A scheme that shows Marello as a unified commerce platform

Want to know more?

SKIL was implemented by Madia. Contact them for more information or drop us a line. We’d be happy to tell you more!