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Coffee Friend is a leading omnichannel retailer of coffee and coffee machines with a global presence. Founded in Lithuania in 2010, the company has expanded rapidly and now operates in ten European countries. With a total of 35 sales channels, including 11 online shops and 17 brick-and-mortar stores, Coffee Friend is committed to providing its customers with a seamless shopping experience across all touchpoints. To achieve this goal, Coffee Friend turned to Marello, a powerful and flexible platform that enables businesses to manage their omnichannel operations from a single, unified system. By implementing Marello, Coffee Friend has streamlined its order processing, inventory management and fulfillment workflows, gaining greater efficiency and visibility into its operations. The result is a more responsive, customer-focused business that is well-equipped to meet the demands of today's competitive market.

  • 35

    Sales Channels
  • 101

  • 50%

    Year over Year growth
  • 300K

We chose Marello because it offers many powerful features that we needed out-of-the-box. Marello is now the core system surrounded by specialized systems.
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Ernestas Pociunas IT Manager
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Marello & The Coffee Friend

The Challenge

Coffee Friend is an international omnichannel company. Coffee Friend group now consists of 35 sales channels and operaties in 11 countries under different local names, including Kavos Draugas (Lithuania), Kafijas Draugs (Latvia), KohviSemu (Estonia), KahviKaveri (Finland), Przyjaciele Kawy (Poland), Coffee Friend (UK / AE / NL / DE) and Nordicup (Wholesale).

In the past, Coffee Friend’s operations were managed with a monolithic legacy system. The international omnichannel strategy brought along challenges, including keeping track of products, sales, customers, and inventory in all these channels.

Moreover, with the ever-changing commerce landscape, and Coffee Friend’s rapid expansion, the system was no longer able to keep track of all the operations at play. Therefore, a new system needed to be put in place – a system that would help them to manage all of their omnichannel processes within one platform.

As an international omnichannel company, Coffee Friend faced numerous operational challenges as it grew to encompass 35 sales channels across 11 countries. With different local names such as Kavos Draugas, Kafijas Draugs, and KahviKaveri, among others, the company struggled to keep track of its products, sales, customers, and inventory across all these channels.

At the start, Coffee Friend was relying on a monolithic legacy system that was ill-equipped to handle the demands of a rapidly expanding business. With the commerce landscape evolving, the company recognized the need for a more flexible and scalable solution that could support all its omnichannel processes within a single platform.


CoffeeFriend faced challenges managing their international omnichannel operations with a legacy system. They needed a unified platform to streamline all processes across 35 sales channels in 11 countries.

Marello DOP was the solution that CoffeeFriend implemented to address these challenges. Marello streamlines operations, including product management for their 10,000 SKUs, order management for 1.5 million orders yearly, inventory management, customer management for 300,000 customers, fulfillment and shipping, and returns and refunds.

The platform is utilized by multiple teams within the company, including sales, warehouse managers, accountants, and supply managers. They now have access to automated workflows that help them in their day-to-day business. These workflows include:

  • Pick up in store
  • Send from store
  • Auto-approval for e-shop orders (fully automated process including a task for the warehouse to send order items to the customer)
  • Internal transfer order between warehouses in the same business unit
  • Intercompany transfer order between different business units
  • Intercompany returns
  • Order management interface for easy creating and approving orders


Marello DOP has helped to create significant results for CoffeeFriend. The platform has enabled the company to effectively manage their vast product catalog, handle high volumes of orders, and optimize operational efficiency. Marello’s ability to integrate with third-party software has created a seamless omnichannel platform that has supported Coffee Friend’s rapid growth.

As a result, Coffee Friend has experienced a remarkable annual growth rate of 50% over the past years. With the support of Marello, they plan to continue this growth trajectory in the coming years.

Future plans

CoffeeFriend’s future plans include implementing promotion management and coupon management into their Marello DOP platform. By doing so, they aim to further enhance their omnichannel strategy and drive sales growth. These new features will allow them to create and manage various promotional campaigns, as well as offer discounts and coupons to their customers.

By continuing to improve and expand their Marello DOP platform, CoffeeFriend is positioning themselves for continued success and growth in the competitive coffee and coffee machine retail market.