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Order Management for Omnichannel & Pure Player (e)Commerce

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Revolutionizing Retail: Introducing Marello POS+
Marello POS+, a groundbreaking sales tool that is redefining the retail experience. Integrated seamlessly with the Marello Digital Operation Platform (DOP), Marello POS+ offers a comprehensive solution for retailers looking to elevate their operations.
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Marello introduces a fresh perspective to commerce management. Serving as an all-encompassing Order Management System (OMS), Marello effortlessly integrates and streamlines all aspects of omnichannel e-commerce across your entire commerce operations.

Whether it is about inventory allocation, a smooth order fulfillment process or customer life cycle optimization, Marello is dedicated to delivering an exceptional brand experience throughout every stage of the commerce operations process.

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Marello Platform

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Breaking down data silos, one Single Source of Truth

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    Breaking down data silos

    Are you currently using multiple systems to manage your omnichannel operations? Are you having difficulty gaining valuable insights because your data is spread across numerous platforms? With Marello, you are able to connect and manage your entire customer journey from order placement to delivery. Marello will centralize and synchronize your data enabling you to extract actionable insights and optimize your commerce operations, including sales channel management, order management, inventory allocation, supplier relationships and much more.

Helping Businesses Grow

We provide many unique use cases to help businesses in different verticals. Take a look at our success stories to find out more.
  • Coffee Friend

    Coffee Friend

    The Coffee Friend is an international omnichannel retailer for coffee and coffee machines, operating in Europe. They are active in 6 companies in different countries.
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  • Recommerce Group
    Refurbished Smartphones

    Recommerce Group

    Recommerce Group sells, refurbishes, and buys back second-hand smartphones. They propose a wide range of premium quality products under their own brand: Recommerce.
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  • Skil


    Skil offers a wide range of power tools for DIY and gardening. To ensure a product is suited to a certain market, Skil sells its products in many variants due to, for example, the power plug or country regulations.
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  • Monthly Clubs

    Monthly Clubs

    MonthlyClubs offers six high-quality club program subscriptions. the club program allows ordering from different beer, wine, cigar, cheese, chocolate and flower clubs.
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A central solution for digital commerce operations

A powerful platform that unifies and automates your sales throughout all channels. Streamline order management, inventory management, order fulfillment, customer journey, and much more.

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