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Achieve Operational Excellence

Digital Operations Platform

A powerful platform to accelerate operations across channels. Manage any sales channel while unifying essential back-office operations. Grow your business with a unique Digital Operations Platform.

What is Marello DOP?

Marello is a Digital Operations Platform for commerce. A flexible solution that allows you to sell in any channel while unifying key operations, including Order Management, Inventory Management, Fulfillment, and more. Enable an excellent experience with lower operational risk, lower operating costs, and increased revenues. Take a look at our cases to find out more!

Why Merchants Love Marello

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    A Seamless Experience

    360° view of all Channels

    Deliver a seamless customer and user experience. With Marello, digital operational data across sales channels are gathered in one unified platform. No irrelevant features or inflexible processes: nothing will slow you down.

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    Fits into any Commerce Set-up

    Fewer Customizations

    No two companies are alike, commerce architectures differ from business to business. Luckily, Marello can easily fit into any commerce set-up. It can be used as a flexible central solution as well as a scalable layer on top of existing solutions. Use Marello as a standalone solution, or integrate it with your ERP.

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    Optimize Business Workflows

    Gather Powerful Insights

    Improve efficiency. Marello’s Business Intelligence solution will save a lot of time by giving you insights within seconds. Set up powerful analyses to get the information you need to monitor your business, and improve your workflows for optimal results.

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    Flexible and Scalable Platform

    Open Source

    Marello is an open-source product. The core code is adaptable to the way you run your business. Whether you scale up or down, add or change operations, it’s possible. Marello’s workflows make it easy to configure your business on the go.

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A Unified Experience


Use Marello's powerful features to streamline any digital operation in a single unified platform.