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Commerce Without Limits

Unified Commerce Management

Connect back-office commerce processes in real-time with Marello Unified Commerce Management. Manage sales channels, gain insight into orders, inventory, fulfillment, customers and more. A unique unified experience allows shoppers to buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere, and return anywhere with one piece of software, one single version of the truth.

Unified Commerce Main Features

  • Order Management

    One centralized place to manage orders across Sales Channels. Increase efficiency and perfect the customer experience.

    Order Management
  • Inventory Management

    Controlling and overseeing Inventory, storage of Inventory, and controlling the number of products for sale.

    Inventory Management
  • Product Management

    Establish a single place to create and manage your product information and distribute it to your sales channels.

    Product Management
  • Customer Management

    Marello’s integrated Customer Management offers flexibility to boost any customer experience.

    Customer Management
  • Fulfillment System

    With Marello, order fulfillment can be managed from a single unified platform with flexible shipment capabilities.

    Fulfillment System
  • Business Intelligence

    Set up analyses to get the information you need to monitor your business and create actionable insight into data.

    Business Intelligence

Solving Omnichannel Challenges

  • Creating Seamless Commerce Experiences

    One Unified Platform

    Deliver a seamless customer experience. With Marello Unified Commerce Management, data across sales channels are gathered in one unified platform. No irrelevant features or inflexible processes: nothing will slow you down.

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  • Keep Track of Orders

    Register, Manage & Follow

    From an order being placed to an order being delivered to your customer. Register, manage and follow the complete order process from start to finish. One centralized platform for your Order Management processes.

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  • Smart Inventory Management

    Control & Oversee

    Control and oversee your complete inventory, no matter the location. Ensure sufficient inventory levels in all channels, purchase new inventory and divide it among your stock locations. Equip yourself with powerful at-a-glance control over your inventory.

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  • Optimize Business Workflows

    Analyse Data

    Analyze data and create reports to reach business goals. Set up analyses to get the information you need to monitor your business, and improve your workflows for optimal results.

    Business Intelligence features
  • Flexible Scalable Platform

    Open Source

    Marello is built as an open source product. The core code is adaptable to the way you run your business. Whether you scale up or down, add or erase processes, it’s possible. Marello’s workflows make it easy to configure your business processes on the go.

    Why Open Source?