Marello, Open Source ERP for Commerce

Marello, Open Source ERP for Commerce

Marello is the new Open Source ERP for Commerce. It is designed for webshops, as well as omni-channel retailers looking for a better grip on their business processes. Marello will meet your retail needs and boost your business.

What Marello offers:

  • Inventory Management – Easily manage omni-channel inventory

    An item can sell out in one shop, but still be available in another. To solve this, Marello ensures that your inventory level is sufficient and available in all channels.

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  • Forecasting – Match future supply and demand

    According to industry statistics, stock-outs cause a projected $25 billion in losses every year. With accurate forecasting, retailers will never need to worry about out-of-stock situations again.

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  • Product returns – Boost sales by gaining a grip on returns

    It is estimated that 30-35% of all products that are ordered online will be returned by customers. Processing these returns more quickly, accurately, and efficiently with Marello is an easy way to not only increase customer satisfaction, but to rein in costs.

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The engine behind Marello

  • Platform

    Marello is based on the Oro Business Application Platform. Other retail specific Oro BAP applications are: OroCRM, OroCommerce, Akeneo (PIM) and Diamantedesk (Customer Service).

    Oro platform

  • System requirements

    Want to install Marello on your own server? Read what your system needs to make the experience smooth.

    System Requirements

  • Talk about Marello

    Do you want to ask a question? Do you need technical support? Or do you simply want to tell us you fell in love with Marello? Post it on our forum!