Marello ERP for Commerce - Where Supply Meets Demand.
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Streamline Backoffice Processes

Marello is an ERP solution that delivers what it promises: meeting retail needs and boosting business. Designed for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers alike, Marello will give you a better grip on your business processes.



Balance inventory across channels.

Inventory management is like a balancing game; Having too much inventory means spending extra money on storage, or risking reaching expiring dates, while having too little inventory means missing out on sales.

One centralized system.

Increase order management efficiency in one centralized system. Strengthen your position by combining OMS and ERP functionalities. Manage orders across channels, improve sales visibility and reduce inventory problems.


Gain grip on returns and refunds.

Establish a clear-cut customer experience with a consistent information stream for all touchpoints. Businesses can make available a seamless customer experience, regardless of what sales channel their customers prefer.


Marello’s approach to solving retail challenges means delivering the best service, on-time and on budget, every time.

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