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January 24, 2024
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Press Release

With Landmark 5.0 Release, Marello Raises the Bar for Omnichannel Commerce. Digital operations platform delivers superior brand experiences and powerful operational gains across the B2B and B2C Commerce ecosystem.

With Landmark 5.0 Release, Marello Raises the Bar for Omnichannel Commerce

Digital operations platform delivers superior brand experiences and powerful operational gains across the B2B and B2C Commerce ecosystem

Los Angeles // Jan. 23, 2024 // Marello, the leading Digital Operations Platform (DOP) provider, today announced the launch of Marello 5.0, a landmark upgrade to the company’s pioneering enterprise-grade omnichannel commerce technology. With robust omnichannel sales orchestration, ecosystem connectivity, and workflow automation, Marello 5.0 empowers retailers to deliver exceptional brand experiences seamlessly across all touchpoints — including in-store, online, mobile, marketplace and emerging commerce channels — via a single centralized control hub.

By deploying Marello 5.0 as their unified omnichannel command center, retailers can seamlessly manage customer engagement, order management, inventory, and more, to deliver superior brand experiences and operational excellence. With powerful new omnichannel integrations and workflow automations, Marello 5.0 empowers merchants to meet customers where they are, activating new commerce channels and optimizing their end-to-end retail operations. Marello’s AI capabilities also turn fragmented omnichannel data into a rich source of business intelligence, with unified shopper profiles to help retailers deliver consistently compelling brand experiences across multiple customer touchpoints.  

“With Marello 5.0, we’re opening a new chapter for omnichannel commerce, and changing the way retailers approach digital transformation,” said Falco van der Maden, CEO of Marello. “In today’s complex retail environment, businesses can’t afford to settle for siloed data and sluggish or disconnected workflows. Marello 5.0 gives brands access to a new world of connected omnichannel commerce, with the interoperability, insight, and intelligence that retailers need to streamline their operations and delight their customers.”  

Key innovations introduced in Marello 5.0 include:

  • Marello POS+, which natively integrates in-store management capabilities into the broader unified commerce ecosystems to elevate all facets of store performance. Designed to meet real-world retail needs, Marello POS+ supports buyer authentication, inventory look-up, cart management, scan-to-cart, payment processing, receipt printing, and CRM data sync. The result: powerful operational improvements and a seamless brand experience, with optimal planning, merchandising, and engagement across all customer touchpoints.
  • Marello Connect, an integration hub enabling simplified, standards-based connectivity across critical customer-facing and back-office systems using modern API, file, and message-based interchange options. With out-of-the-box adaptors allowing rapid connection to leading eCommerce platforms, POS and store systems, Order Management Systems (OMS), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), ERPs, and CRMs, retailers can defragment their retail operations to unlock powerful insights and strategic opportunities across the entire retail value chain.
  • Intelligent workflow automation, with an advanced workflow engine to streamline complex omnichannel business processes. New features include Order Ownership, which enables orders to be assigned to specific teams for SLA and issue management, and Order on Demand, which provides end-to-end automation from procurement right through to final delivery. A new Webhooks feature also enables continuous real-time data synchronization across integrated systems. Together, these features enable brands to act with agility and intelligence to provide better customer experiences across their omnichannel operations.

Marello 5.0 also enables powerful connections to other ecommerce platforms and solutions, enabling brands to leverage best-in-class technologies to optimize their offerings and drive results for their customers. “Our partnership with Marello is strong and long-lasting. With mutual customers, we’ve seen firsthand the immense value they bring,” said Yoav Kutner, CEO of Oro, Inc. “Marello’s unified platforms empower merchants to manage omnichannel commerce effortlessly, delivering a superior brand experience via a centralized admin interface.”

“Implementing Marello enabled full control over our omnichannel operations and inventory across all locations,” said Carolien Kok, Operational Manager at / “Marello’s efficiency in managing operations is vital, especially given our seasonal sales, peaks, and returns. Smooth operations are crucial to exceed customer expectations.” 

About Marello

Marello provides the digital platform for unified commerce. The Marello Digital Operations Platform seamlessly integrates siloed omnichannel environments, providing the interoperability, insight, and automation enterprises need to deliver seamless brand experiences. Market leaders like BME, Recommerce, and Coffee Friend leverage Marello to drive higher revenue, deeper loyalty, and greater efficiency across complex omnichannel operations encompassing stores, eCommerce, marketplaces, mobile apps, and emerging commerce channels.

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