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June 24, 2019
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New Inventory Management Whitepaper

The problem of balancing the right level of inventory - at the right location, at the right cost - is as old as trade itself. But modern pressures such as globalization, e-commerce, and relationships between global trading partners, have created many new inventory challenges. Today, inventory is often divided among many parties, business units, and technology systems. Keeping track of all inventory from one system to another can be extraordinarily difficult. 

Our new whitepaper ”Solving 3 Inventory challenges with Inventory Management” aims to tackle three common inventory challenges and explore the solutions an Inventory Management system can propose.

Download the inventory management whitepaper here.

Challenge 1: Keeping Track of Inventory in Real-Time

Where are my products, and where are they located? A question that is on the mind of any retailer. These questions are not so easy to answer as there are many factors that come into play when calculating how much inventory is present in warehouses.

Challenge 2: Distressed Inventory & Overselling – Finding Balance

Inventory Management is like a balancing game – having too much inventory means spending extra money on storage and risking reaching expiring dates, while having too little inventory means missing out on sales. Finding the right balance is a demanding task.

Challenge 3: Customers Expect Inventory Visibility

Customer expectations are growing. Managing inventory to get the right product to the right place, within a strict timeframe, is critical to a business’s success. This included providing insight into how much inventory is available, ordering products in-store, and product delivery within a one- or two-day timeframe.

Want to know more? Download the new inventory management whitepaper.


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