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Inventory Management Whitepaper

Solving Three Common Inventory Challenges

The problem of balancing the right level of inventory - at the right location, at the right cost - is as old as trade itself. But modern pressures such as globalization, e-commerce, and relationships between global trading partners, have created many new inventory challenges.

This inventory management whitepaper aims to tackle three common inventory challenges and explore the solutions an Inventory Management system can propose.

  • Challenge 1: Real-Time Inventory Tracking

    Locating products in real-time is not an easy task as there are many different factors need to be taken into account when calculating how much inventory is present in warehouses. Real-time inventory visibility is key to allowing for solving the other inventory challenges.

  • Challenge 2: Finding Balance

    Finding the right balance in your inventory levels can be a demanding task. Having excess inventory means the risk of spending extra money on storage and reaching expiry dates while having too little inventory means missing out on sales. 

  • Challenge 3: Customers Expectations

    Getting products to the right place, within a strict timeframe, is critical to fulfilling customer expectations. It means providing customers with insight into how much inventory is available, and product delivery within a one- or two-day timeframe.

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Why read this whitepaper?

  • Learn how real-time connections is the key to solving inventory challenges

  • See how to avoid distressed inventory and overselling

  • Discover how to set in place an optimal inventory strategy

  • Learn how to exceed customer expectations with smooth inventory processes