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May 31, 2018
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5 Ways in Which Order Management Boosts Business

The success of any product-selling business depends on incoming orders. Therefore, the ability to process orders efficiently is of great importance. Below we show you 5 ways in which order management makes sure you can do just that.

1. Setting up Order Management Workflows

Keeping track of orders, making sure they get invoiced, picked, packed, labeled and shipped as well as registering and refunding returns can be a precise and time-consuming task. All team members need to communicate in such a way that nothing is overlooked. Without the use of a centralized system, human errors will surely be made.

With an order management system, this becomes nearly impossible. By setting up workflows, every team member will be up to date about order statuses. For example, when an incoming order is automatically registered in the system, it notifies the team when the order is paid for. As soon as the notification is in, another team starts the pick-and-pack process. These steps can only be taken when the previous step in the workflow has been verified. Double checking orders, or making costly errors, becomes virtually impossible.

Flexible order management systems, such as Marello, make sure workflows can be adapted to the needs of all businesses.

2. Customer Management

As in any business, keeping customers happy is key to ensuring sales. An important part of that process is informing customers about their order. Knowing an order was received, when it will be shipped and when it will reach them is essential to the customer experience. Also, whenever a customer has questions, sales reps should be able to look up the information easily.

Order management systems register all information about the order. Email notifications can be included in the workflows described above to help keep the customer up to date in the order process. As order information is stored in a centralized system, it is easy for sales reps or customer service to find the information customers might be asking for.

3. Handle Orders Anytime, Anywhere

Sell where your customers shop. Omni-channel strategies are becoming more important than ever before. As customers shop in stores, online, via mail or even over the phone, you need to make sure you provide the possibility to register and process orders in all channels. Using a single system eliminates the use of multiple systems that essentially do the same work. Also, your sales reps will be able to process orders faster as they will no have to look into different systems or transfer data manually.

4. Optimal efficiency as your Business Grows

As described above, every incoming order means going to several steps in order to get the package to the customer. The more manual effort this costs, the more time will have to be put in. Automation and workflows help to save a lot of time, and therefore money. As your business grows and more order come in, handling every order manually becomes impossible. Order Management Systems make sure you’re business can withstand and support growth. Easily add new sales channels and receive and process orders from a single system.

5. Inventory Management

Order management isn’t complete without inventory management. As orders determine how the inventory moves, it’s important to keep track of inventory levels. Out-of-stock notifications are a big turnoff to customers. The solution is having an inventory management system that shows real-time stock levels. Marello gives access to information about real stock (stock that is physically present), allocated stock (reserved stock) and virtual stock (stock that is available for sale). By knowing real-time stock levels, new stock can be purchased before the inventory is empty.

Are you ready to boost your business with an Order Management System?

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