Order Management System - Marello: Order Management System
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Order Management System (OMS)

Marello’s Order Management System, offers many ways to manage and process orders across channels.

Marello’s order management system does not only provide a way to increase efficiency but also improves fulfillment and customer experience. By offering one centralized place to manage orders from all sales across channels, such as brick-and-mortar stores, webshops and marketplaces, information that is needed for a smooth order process is easily available.


Handling incoming orders, order status, shipments, and deliveries in one place, makes it easy to have customers buy, receive and return their orders anywhere. Meeting customer expectations means driving customer satisfaction ensuring customer loyalty.


Marello improves sales visibility and reduces inventory problems by providing a single view of demand, inventory, and supply.

  • Comprehensive Order Information
    • Order number & Date
    • Sales Channel
    • References
    • Subtotal & Grandtotal

  • Billing & Payment
    • Billing Address
    • Invoice Information
    • Payment Method
    • Payment Details

  • Delivery
    • Shipping Address
    • Shipping Method
    • Shipping Costs
    • Shipping Provider

  • Ordered Items
    • SKU
    • Name
    • Amount
    • Subtotal

  • Contact Details
    • Email Notifications
    • Calendar Events
    • Personal Notes
    • Unified View Per Customer

  • Workflows
    • Set up workflows per channel
    • Optimize order processes
    • Automatize processes
    • Increase efficiency

What are the benefits of an Order Management System?

Order Management Systems can be used for the administration of all processes that are related to incoming and outgoing orders.


By using an OMS, businesses can streamline order processing through providing inventory information, a vendor database, customer lists, a record of returns and refunds, billing information, payment records and order processing flows. A solid Order Management System does far more than order management alone: it is an all-around business tool that centralizes all processes surrounding order management.

An Omnichannel Unified View

Marello includes many OMS features that are needed to run omnichannel international businesses.


Many businesses use different systems to manage their omnichannel order processes such as accounting tools, POS and warehouse management systems. With Marello’s Order Management System, these operations can be bundled within one unified view – all within one system.


Lastly, Marello is adaptable to all business forms. As every business had its own needs, which can change at a rapid pace, OMS systems need to be able to adapt. Marello is an open source application, which makes it easy to scale, add extensions and integrate with other systems.

Save Valuable Time and Reduce Errors

Using an Order Management System ensures handling all order processes within one system. Process incoming orders, shipping labels, payments, returns and refunds in one unified view. This means that you no longer have to switch between solutions, saving time.


Also, teams and departments can work together, combine their views and optimize processes. As departments are connected, fewer steps are needed, resulting in reduced errors.

Integrate Existing Systems into your Order Management System

In some cases, businesses do not know whether to install an OMS because they already use many other systems such as eCommerce marketing and accounting solutions. They wonder whether a new Order Management System will be able to interact with, or will be better than, existing software.


Marello is a flexible OMS that can easily integrate with existing solutions, incorporating them into the unified view. Different solutions may even work together to strengthen Marello’s already comprehensive features.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Today’s customers expect a service in which their buying experience is the same across channels. Services such as buying online and picking up in-store and in-store returns mean that businesses have to support cross-channel inventory visibility and order fulfillment.


Marello’s OMS makes sure that orders can be handled across channels. By centralizing processes in one system a superior customer experience can be reached. Provide order status, on-time deliveries and meet customer expectations to buy and return anywhere and create long-term loyalty.