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Stay up to date with the latest industry fact and figures in our whitepapers. Take a look at our latest whitepapers below.

  •  The cover of the Unified commerce Whitepaper

    A Guide to Unified Commerce

    What, how and why?

    Unified Commerce is a relatively new retail term which is steadily gaining more attention. But what does it mean exactly? In this whitepaper, we’ll explain what Unified Commerce is, what the difference is with omnichannel, and what benefits Unified Commerce could bring to your business.

    • An explanation of the term Unified Commerce
    • Omnichannel vs. Unified Commerce
    • Discover the benefits
    • A step-by-step guide of implementing a unified strategy


  •  The cover of the order management whitepapers

    A Guide to Order Management


    In this Order Management whitepaper, we’ll explain how to keep pace with your customer’s expectations. Learn how to increase efficiency, improve fulfillment and perfect the customer experience by streamlining your order management processes. Read the guide and discover the value of Order Management for your business.

    • Learn about Omnichannel Expectations
    • Find out how a Central System works
    • Discover the Benefits of an Agile Structure


  •  Cover of the inventory management whitepaper

    Solving Three Common Inventory Challenges

    Inventory Management

    Modern pressures such as globalization, e-commerce, and relationships between global trading partners, have created many new inventory challenges. This inventory management whitepaper aims to tackle three common inventory challenges and explore the solutions an Inventory Management system can propose.

    • Real-Time Inventory Tracking
    • Finding Balance
    • Customer Expectations


  •  Cover of the subscription Management whitepaper

    Benefit from Revenue Through Recurring Sales

    Subscription Management

    This whitepaper aims to distinguish between various subscription models, lay out the benefits and explain how subscriptions can be managed in a subscription management system.

    • Learn how subscriptions work
    • Discover seven benefits
    • Find out what is needed to manage subscriptions