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Subscription Management Whitepaper

Benefit from Revenue through Recurring Sales

Subscription eCommerce is a fast-growing way of buying products and services online. A growing percentage of shoppers have signed up for subscriptions, receiving products and services on a regular basis.

This whitepaper aims to distinguish between various subscription models, lay out the benefits and explain how subscriptions can be managed in a subscription management system.

What is in this Whitepaper?

  • How Subscriptions Work

    When speaking about subscription models there are generally four types of subscription eCommerce services that can be defined: replenishment, curation, access, and service. Learn more about these features in this whitepaper.

  • Seven Benefits

    Investing in enabling subscription models can be a demanding task. However, there are many benefits that speak for investing in subscriptions, such as a higher customer lifetime value. 

  • Managing Subscriptions

    In order to manage any of the four subscription models, different processes need to be supported in a subscription management system – such as handling the duration, recurring payments, and customer communication.

Download the Subscription Management Whitepaper

Why read this whitepaper?

  • Learn how Subscription Management works

  • Find out how offering Subscriptions boosts business

  • Explore the benefits of the four subscription models

  • See how you can gain three times the customer lifetime value

  • Learn how to streamline and automate subscription processes