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 Marello portrayed as a DOP

Digital Operations Platforms

An introduction to

In today's world, people use the most advanced and intelligent apps to manage their personal and professional lives. However, many (e)commerce merchants use legacy software to manage their business operations that would not look out of place ten years ago. As the commerce landscape is changing fast, software solutions that are being used need to evolve with it to keep up with modern demands.

Fortunately, there is a new breed of systems on the market that do offer a future-proof solution. They are called Digital Operation Platforms, or DOPs.

Download the DOP whitepaper

Why read this whitepaper

  • Learn about what is going on
    How omnichannel selling has changed over the years, and what the important aspects of it are today.

  • See why it is important
    New trends in customer engagement with organizations. Diving into customer expectations for a seamless shopping experience.

  • Find out how to solve common challenges
    Evaluating core capabilities. Replacing legacy systems with a unified DOP. Preventing Data Silos and unifying operations in a single platform.

  • Understand the benefits
    Why does your business need a DOP, what operations does it streamline, and how does it benefit your customers?