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One platform to get paid and simplify your finances
Drive revenue, reduce costs, and manage funds on one platform. Use Mollie for online payments, subscriptions, financing, reconciliation, and to fight fraud.

About Mollie

At Mollie, we’re on a mission to make payments and money management effortless for every business in Europe.
We started 20 years ago when we launched a more direct, affordable way for companies to get paid. That provided an alternative to the frustrating, overpriced solutions that banks offered at the time.

Today, we serve more than 200,000 businesses across Europe with an all-in-one solution that simplifies payments and money management. And we’re a 750-strong team of product, finance, support, commerce, and engineering specialists working across Europe – from Lisbon to London.

Our mission and who we are hasn’t changed. We still love delivering products that solve problems and offering businesses an alternative to our industry’s unfairly complex and expensive solutions. Why? Because financial bureaucracy remains brilliant at keeping good ideas from growing. And because accepting payments, driving revenue, accessing capital, and managing money should be effortless for every business.