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Manage digital operations

Other Use Cases

Marello’s flexible platform architecture allows it to be tailored to many other industries and use cases, including healthcare, food and beverage, consumer goods, and more. Whatever your specific needs may be, Marello can provide the necessary tools to optimize your operations, manage your sales channels, and scale your business.

Manage operations in a single platform

Digital Operations Platforms are built to fit any business type. No matter the use case, DOPs can be used to streamline operations. Whether it’s about streamlining complex processes, or managing custom workflows. Marello’s open architecture makes it the most versatile platform on the market.

Operations for any type of business

A digital operations platform can be used in a variety of cases. Do you have an operational challenge that traditional platforms cannot solve? Marello is built in such a way that it will suit your business needs.

Why Marello fits other industries

  • Streamline fulfillment
    A digital operations platform can be used in a variety of cases that do not involve selling products. For example, it can be used to manage and streamline fulfillment and shipping for your customers. Are you managing warehouses, and would you like to fulfill orders for your customers? Marello’s got you covered.
  • Marketplaces and third-party sales
    Does your company provide a marketplace where multiple sellers can list their products? Streamline any operational workflow for them. Enable them to list products, set pricing, streamline fulfillment and operate customer service. Be in charge of what operational services your marketplace offers.
  • Sell services
    Selling services involves different operations than when selling products. Set contract dates, renewal dates and periodic payments. Create custom entities for your services and add the information needed to run your service business as smoothly as possible.
  • Complex Customizations
    Are you looking for a specific feature that you cannot find in any other operations platform? Let us know! Our team of experienced solution specialists will see how Marello can be used to solve your operational challenges.
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