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Add eBay as a new SalesChannel in Marello.

eBay Bridge

More and more websites are following the marketplace model of opening up their sites as ‘marketplaces’ for other retailers to sell on.

As more marketplaces are set up every day, more businesses start selling their products on them as well.

According to the eCommerce foundation marketplace giants such as Amazon, eBay and Alibaba will own almost 40% of the global online retail market by 2020. This is not even taking into account all the other marketplaces that are used worldwide.

We understand that adding marketplaces to your sales channels can be crucial, that is why we built the eBay Connector. With the eBay connector, merchants will be able to add eBay as an extra SalesChannel in Marello (Enterprise Edition).


  • Import orders from eBay
  • Create, update and delete products and images
  • Set product prices
  • Manage inventory
  • Set tax related entities such as TaxRules, TaxCodes and Tax Jurisdictions