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Save time with Marello's DOP

Digital Operations Platform for Manufacturing

Marello’s solution supports manufacturers in automating order processing, production planning, and inventory management. Manufacturers can add their workflows to the system to adhere to their best practices and provide a seamless buying experience that their B2B clients are demanding.

Manufacturing Operations Platform

Save valuable time with Marello’s powerful Digital Operations Platform for Manufacturing. Manage every aspect of your manufacturing processes in one place. Boost efficiency with a comprehensive DOP designed for unique needs.

Why a DOP fits Manufacturing

A DOP fits the Manufacturing industry perfectly, it is an all-in-one solution for digital operations. It brings together order management, inventory management, shipping, customers and much more in one single unified platform.

Key benefits for Manufacturing

  • Future-proof Digital Operations Platform
    Upgrade your manufacturing business with a future-proof Digital Operations Platform. Connect all the technology your business needs into one single platform. Get streamlined processes and meaningful insights into production and business operations.
  • Shipping & Fulfillment
    Shipping and fulfillment are crucial in manufacturing. They manage getting goods from the factory to customers or retailers, often with carriers and logistics partners. Fulfillment includes packaging, handling, and tracking shipments. These services create smooth customer experiences and enhance supply chain management for manufacturing businesses.
  • Powerful workflow engine
    Marello’s workflow engine is a powerful tool for manufacturing businesses. Automate and manage processes and let algorithms determine the appropriate actions for each step in the manufacturing process. Ensure that tasks are completed in the correct order and on time. Improve efficiency and reduce errors, and ensure higher quality products and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Increase customer experience
    Streamline processes to increase customer satisfaction with Marello. Marello offers flexibility to boost the experience, optimise conversions and grow sales. Send automated emails, like payment reminders and fulfillment info.
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