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June 16, 2023
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Introducing Marello DOP 4.2: Enhancing Efficiency and Streamlining Operations

Introducing the latest version of Marello DOP - Marello 4.2 We are thrilled to announce the release of Marello 4.2, the latest version of our powerful digital operations platform.

We are thrilled to announce the release of Marello 4.2, the latest version of our powerful digital operations platform. Building upon the success of Marello 4.1, which was launched on January 23, 2023, this new release brings an array of exciting features and improvements to further enhance your operational processes. With a focus on efficiency and streamlined operations, Marello 4.2 is here to empower your business and optimize your order management workflow.

Key Additions in Marello 4.2

Notification Center for Centralizing Important Notifications

To further streamline your operational processes, Marello 4.2 introduces the Notification Center. This centralized hub allows you to consolidate and manage all critical and non-critical notifications in one place. Whether it’s a notification about a successful import, low stock levels, Allocation problems, or integration failures, the Notification Center ensures that your team can access and address important information promptly. Say goodbye to scattered notifications and embrace a more organized approach to managing your operational communications.

Order Reshipment for Lost or Damaged Packages

One of the significant additions in Marello 4.2 is the implementation of the Order Reshipment feature. We understand the challenges businesses face when dealing with lost or damaged packages during transit. With this new functionality, you can easily initiate reshipment for orders that encounter such issues. Marello 4.2 simplifies the process of reshipping lost and damaged packages, enabling you to efficiently manage and resolve such situations, ensuring customer satisfaction and minimizing disruptions to your operations.

New Manual Replenishment methode

Marello has been offering automatic replenishment for years, but we understand that sometimes a manual approach is necessary. That’s why we’re happy to announce the addition of a manual replenishment feature in the Marello 4.2 release!

Now, with Marello 4.2, you have even more control over maintaining optimal stock levels. The Automatic Replenishment feature generates replenishment orders based on key parameters, streamlining your inventory management. But we also recognize the value of hands-on control, which is why the Manual Replenishment option allows you to decide when and how to replenish your inventory. It’s all about finding that perfect balance between automation and manual intervention to optimize your inventory processes.

Upgrade to Marello 4.2 and Unleash Your Business Potential

Marello 4.2 is a testament to our commitment to continuously improve and provide our customers with the best operational platform possible. By implementing features such as Order Reshipment, the Notification Center, and new Replenishment methods, we aim to boost your operational efficiency, minimize disruptions, and maximize customer satisfaction.

To learn more about the latest version and upgrade to Marello 4.2, take a look at the release notes or schedule a demo. We are excited to help you unlock the full potential of your business with Marello 4.2.

Stay tuned for future updates as we continue to innovate and bring you even more valuable features to enhance your digital operations experience.

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