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April 30, 2020
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Free OroPlatform Fundamentals Training – Limited Time Only

Developer, may we please have your attention? For a limited time only, you can access two online courses to learn the fundamentals of the Oro technology, with which Marello is built. Sign up for these courses for free, valued at $12,600! They will be hosted by members of the core Oro development team in a live online setting offering you a unique chance to learn and ask questions
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Marello and the OroPlatform

Marello is built on the OroPlatform. OroPlatform is an open-source platform made for rapid application development. Built using PHP – on the well known Symfony framework – OroPlatform gives developers and businesses a jump-start to building web applications that solve specific business problems.

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Get to Know the Fundamentals

Now’s the time to learn something new, or to brush up on your skills! OroInc, the company behind the OroPlatform, is offering two of their value-filled courses for free!

Now, why is this interesting for developers wanting to work, or already working with Marello? As Marello is built on the same technology, many of the topics discussed will be applicable to Marello as well. This is your chance to experience the OroPlatform in a live online setting, offering you a unique chance to learn and ask questions.


What: Oro Fundamentals – Development Introduction
When: May 5 to May 14
Where: Online courses

This live instructor-led online training course starts on May 5 to May 14, scheduled on Tuesdays through Thursdays. Training sessions consist of 6 webinars. Each webinar is a 3-hour session, held 3 days a week for 2 weeks. During training, participants will have access to the same Oro staging environment to demo specific features with the code repository. They will also have an opportunity to work with live examples, try out new skills, and communicate with core Oro developers that work on the product.

What you’ll learn

  • How to Set up Oro applications in a local environment in developer mode
  • How Oro products and their features and are connected
  • How to use Oro tools, methods, processes, and other Oro development best practices
  • How to build a new feature, extend existing Oro bundle, add new business objects (entities), and more

This is a unique opportunity to dive into the Oro Fundamentals:

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