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February 14, 2019
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Marello 2.0 Release Notes

We have announced the release of Marello 2.0 Unified Commerce Management. Read what's changed in the release notes below.

New Features in Marello 2.0

Technology Upgrades

  • OroPlatform has been upgraded to 3.1.2
  • Minimally required PHP version has been raised to 7.1.26
  • Support for LESS preprocessor has been discontinued, and all files were converted to SCSS format.
  • NodeJS has become a required dependency for installation and development

OroPlatform 3.1 release notes
OroPlatform 3.1.1 release notes
OroPlatform 3.1.2 release notes

New Features

  • Invoice and Creditmemo support in sales related workflows (Order, Refund)
  • Mass action assigning Products to Sales Channels
  • Inventory Replenishment for shipping inventory to Warehouses internally [Enterprise Edition only]


  • Removal of all Marello REST API Routing, Controllers and related Forms. Endpoints have been moved to REST JSON API

List of fixed issues and improvements

  • Query time optimization for Product grid
  • Optimization of Image rendering in Product View
  • Added Discount in the transactional emails Order totals sum
  • Fix parameter binding in product categories grid on Product view page
  • Fixed bug Product to Category assignment. Products are not being assigned or removed from Category
  • Updated Cancel Action in workflow to take in to account whether or not the balanced inventory levels or the inventory levels should be deallocated. Additional option can be used to control this. Referring to issue – thanks @brainOut
  • Customer is now extendable. Referring to issue – thanks @clicktrend
  • Refunds now show correct currency instead of mixing them with system default
  • Taxes and discounts are now being taken into account on Refund totals calculation
  • Added additional Inventory Balance triggers (SalesChannelGroups add/remove, Warehouse add/remove, WarehouseChannel link updates)
  • Fixed Inventory Level chart calculations to show the movement for Inventory, Allocated and Virtual quantities correctly through time
  • Added Warehouse column to Inventory Log datagrid [Enterprise Edition only]
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