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September 18, 2018
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Release: Marello Enterprise Edition 1.3 & Community Edition 1.5

We are thrilled to announce that we have released Enterprise Edition 1.5 and Community Edition 1.3. The new releases include powerful new features, including shipments, additional product prices, and an API update.


  • Add shipping integrations (EE & CE)
  • Setup different shipping rules to match your use cases (EE & CE)

You may add and configure shipping integrations with third-party providers to offer their shipping services for orders processed by Marello.

Out of the box, you can integrate Marello with UPS and Flat Rate shipping.

Pricing options

  • Add special prices to products on default and Sales Channel Pricing level (EE & CE)
  • Add Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) to products on default level (EE & CE)
  • Use special prices when creating orders in Marello (EE & CE)

Add special prices (discounted prices) and MSRP to products. You can specify special prices on default pricing level (in different currencies) and on Sales Channel Pricing level. MSRP prices can be specified on default pricing level.

Special prices will be used when adding products to a Marello order where applicable.

API update

  • Added JSON API support for Customers, Orders, Products, Returns, SalesChannels, InventoryLevels, AssembledPriceLists and AssembledChannelPriceLists (EE & CE)
  • Added support for workflow steps in JSON API (EE & CE)
  • Added support for workflow transitions in JSON API (EE & CE)

Full release notes

Besides these three major updates, other updates are:

Small Changes: 

  • Added new widget on Dashboard to show best selling items with images (EE & CE)
  • Added image to product grid (EE & CE)
  • Added configuration support in order to enable/disable Order/Return notifications (EE & CE)
  • Removed double phone number in Order view (EE & CE)
  • Add purchase date for orders (#36), thanks @clicktrend for the enhancement (EE & CE)

Bugfixes & technical updates:

  • Fixed issue regarding order processing and transitioning if no coordinates are found for the addresses (EE & CE)
  • Merged contribution #41 of @brainOut – add control on shipment existence before render (EE & CE)
  • Update Oro platform to version 2.6.29 (EE & CE)

Want to know more? Let us know! Also, download the CE from GitHub.

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