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April 19, 2018
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B2B Order Management Benefits

Many companies work with different systems to keep track of their finances, orders, inventory and more. However, this often means a lot of unnecessary work. The same data are entered into different systems in order to keep all operations synchronized. In B2B, businesses receive orders via email, fax, a sales rep or webshop. This creates a need for a system that bundles all processes in order to save time and avoid costly errors. This is where a B2B Order Management system can help out.

B2B Order Management – Customer Satisfaction

Fortunately, there are systems that can help to streamline back-office processes surrounding order management. In order to avoid double data entry, systems can be integrated in such a way that they work together and gather all needed info within one centralized system. For examples, orders that come in via phone can be entered manually, while webshop orders are automatically added to the same system. This provides one central overview of all entered orders, customers, order totals, delivery status and more.

This provides another important benefit. Many B2B providers struggle when customers call them about the status of their orders, find out which goods they have already ordered, or when products were shipped. Customers want to be able to access the information quickly. With the right system in place, customers will be able to view their order info. Alternatively, a sales rep will be able to provide the info to the customer in a matter of seconds, without switching between systems. Thus, order management system meet today’s demand for speed en responsiveness.

Inventory tracking

Added benefits of Order Management Systems are the opportunity to simultaneously register orders and manage inventory. By linking orders to the inventory in real-time, inventory can be tracked very precisely. By using the data that are generated through orders and inventory, forecasting modules can help out your purchase department to make sure new inventory is always ordered in time. This means shorter delivery times to your customers, and never having to disappoint them.

In short, B2B Order Management will make sure your customers experience the smoothest order processes as possible.

Benefits to your operations

Next to your customers, your company as a whole will benefit. Since you limit the number of manual actions, you eliminate the chances for errors. Also, passing data between departments will no longer mean transcribing phone calls, or copy-pasting emails. Instead, all data are available within a couple of clicks. This will speed up processes and allow your teams to work more efficiently and effectively.

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