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April 25, 2017
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Open Source ERP for Commerce – Marello 1.0 is now Available!

The Marello team is proud to announce the release of Marello 1.0! Marello 1.0 has been built for webshops, as well as omnichannel retailers looking for a better grip on their business processes. Marello will meet your retail needs and boost your business.

An ERP System Built for Commerce

Retail is a dynamic and complex branch: the number of product introductions is continually increasing, the pressure on product promotion is huge, and turnover is spread out over multiple locations and channels.

Consumer expectations are completely different than they were only a few years ago. For instance, shopping is increasingly interactive, dynamic, and social: the boundaries between physical and online shopping are becoming less distinct. This calls for new innovative solutions which can digitalize and streamline business processes.

Features that will Boost your Business

Marello is your partner when it comes to getting a better grip on inventory management and all the processes that surround it. Marello has extensive, flexible and smart features that can help you with:

Product Management

Easily import and export products in Marello and have a real-time view on their stock levels, inventory movements, prices, taxes, sales channels and suppliers.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is one of the most important processes in commerce. Yet it can be time-consuming to get it right. Inventory tracking, comprehensive analysis and an automated workflow help to keep revenues up. The user-friendly interface makes sure that you can get started right away. Helping retailers to always have a balanced inventory, that is our goal.

Return and Refund Management

It is estimated that 30-35% of all products that are ordered online will be returned by customers. Processing these returns more quickly, accurately, and efficiently with Marello is an easy way to not only increase customer satisfaction but to rein in costs.

Procurement Management

Knowing when to purchase new products for your inventory can be a time-demanding task. Let Marello help you out! Based on inventory and purchase levels, a purchase advise is generated which can be converted to purchase orders.

Supplier Management

Prioritize which suppliers products should be purchased from. Purchase orders that are created for a product can automatically be linked to the right supplier.

Sales Channel Management

Add your sales channels, set their currency and easily assign products to the right channels. Also, track your sales across channels and always have an up to date view on your revenues.

Download Marello 1.0

We are excited to be able to present you with a flexible platform that addresses all inventory challenges that retailers face in B2C, B2B, single-channel and omnichannel commerce. Our platform includes the most comprehensive set of inventory management features.

Interested in using Marello? Questions? Contact us and get in touch with the team.

Marello is an open-source application: you can download it anytime at:

Also, remember that you can always access the free demo!

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