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December 30, 2016
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Marello Beta1 is now Available

We are excited to inform you that today we release Marello Beta1! You can download it here.

In this blog we give you an overview of the functions that are included in Marello Beta1. This new release focusses on further improvements of the system as a whole.

Marello Dashboard:

Create a quick overview of the information most valuable to your business. Get easy access to your revenue per sales channel, latest orders and email.

Product Management:

Manage your product library by adding, modifying and deleting your products. Define variant products, link products to sales channels, set multi-current default product prices and manage inventory.

Products contain the following attributes: name, SKU, Status, Desired Stock Level, Weight, Product Warranty, Pricing, Inventory, Sales Channels and Variants.

All information about products can be reached through an easy-to-use product view.

Inventory Management:

The core strength of Marello is to be found in the inventory management options. Options include: inventory logging and an overview of stock, allocated stock and virtual stock.

Where is your inventory going? Inventory logging gives you a complete overview of all your stock movements. Stock may be increased through new purchases or returns, or may be decreased through orders. No matter what, ‘Inventory Logging’ will tell you. The last inventory moments are shown on the product overview. A complete overview is also available by clicking on the “Inventory Log” button.

Stock, Allocated Stock and Virtual Stock

It is easy to lose track of what products are still in stock and available for sale, and which are already ‘virtually’ sold. Marello provides insight into your stock by showing the total stock, already allocated stock and accordingly calculates the virtual stock. In that way you will never sell products that are already sold or be too late with ordering new stock.

Purchase Orders:

A key function in Marello is the option to manage stock levels through purchase level, desired level, virtual level and order amount. Set up how many products you would like to have in stock, at what stock level new products should be ordered and in which quantity. Purchases can optionally be handled through an automated purchase order flow.

Sales Channels:

Many businesses have more than one (online) store. It is easy to manage multiple stores in Marello. Just create and set up a new sales channel, assign products and begin monitoring the total revenue per sales channel.


Get a realtime view of all orders that have been placed. Orders can be received automatically through integrated sales channels but may also be created by hand. Order information shown includes: the order number, order reference, billing and shipping address, order progress and more. An overview per customer is provided making it possible to see specific details about the order and activities such as payment reminders and transactional emails in the appropriate language.

When an order process workflow is activated, orders will be processed based on the workflow.


Want to know specific information about a customer? Use the customer overview function and view all of the customer’s details. Details include personal information, orders, returns, and refunds.

Returns and refunds:

Marello offers functionalities to process your product returns. Get insight into the quantity of returned items, who returned it, order number, refund amount (in the appropriate currency) and progress. It is easy to see whether returns and refunds are still pending or have been credited.

Once a return is created, the return can be processed based on the workflow.

Reports & Segments:

Reporting, segmenting and analysis have become a very important asset for commerce. Therefore useful standard reports have been included.

Revenue per Sales Channel

Want to know how many items are sold in various sales channels? Just go to the revenue per sales channel tab and see the total of orders and total revenue.

Returned Item Quantities by Return Reason

Items get returned, some more often than others. Marello makes it easy to see what products have been returned, for what reason and in what quantity.

Low Stock

How many items should be in stock in order to meet the customer’s needs? The ‘low stock problems’ report shows you which items might need attention.

All-time Best and Worst Selling

What items to keep in store, and which to remove? The best and worst selling items can be viewed to make decisions about whether to continue selling certain products, or to put extra effort into marketing products, easier.

User Management:

Various people may be involved in using Marello for different purposes. By assigning roles to various users they only get access to the information that is applicable to them.


Send transactional emails in the appropriate language, based on the language of the sales channel or order.

Let us know what you think!

As always, please let us know what you think off the new release. The Marello Team is curious towards your comments, ideas and experiences surrounding Marello.

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