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January 20, 2016
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First Alpha Release of Marello is Now Available!

As part of our mission to create the best open-source ERP for commerce, we are pleased to announce that the first public Alpha release of Marello is now available on Github. Built from the ground up on best-of-breed technologies including PHP, Symfony 2 and OroPlatform, Marello will help companies streamline operations, lower their costs, and compete in a dynamic market.

This first Alpha release includes the following features:

Product management

Manage your product library by creating, modifying and deleting your products. Define variant products, link products to certain sales channels, set pricing per sales channel and manage inventory.

A product contains the following attributes:

  • Channel

    Sets the sales channels in which a product will be sold.
    Channels can be created under System -> Channels.
    Under system -> Configuration default channels can be set. Default channels will be added to every new created product.
    Examples of channels are: Webshop US, Webshop DE, Webshop FR, Store New York, Store Berlin, etc.

  • Name

    The name of the product.

  • SKU

    Unique productcode of the product (Stock Keeping Unit).

  • Status

    Sets if the product is salable or not.

  • Stock

    Stock is the current available amount of products in the warehouse. Stock is a read only value and can only be modified by adding or subtracting stock through inventory management.

  • Default Price

    The default price defines the basic sale price (in the default currency).

  • Channel Pricing

    Product prices can differ per sale channel. Channels that need different pricing can be added. For every added channel a modified price can be entered. Channels that are not added will use the default price.

  • Inventory

    The stock level is influenced by adding or subtracting stock. Some are executed automatic like sales (subtract) and returns (addition) others are manual. Manual adding or subtracting stock can be done with the inventory manager.

  • Variants

    For every product, variant products can be defined. Variant products can be created by clicking the button “Add Variant”. Created variant products are linked to each other.


Receive or create orders from sales channels and process them.

  • Workflows

    When an order process workflow is activated, orders will be processed based on the workflow.

  • API

    The Order module has an API with which orders can be added to Marello.

  • Order creation

    Besides the orders that are added through integrated sales channels it’s also possible to create orders in Marello (for example orders placed by telephone).
    When adding products to an order (order items) product prices will correspond to the selected “Sales Channel”.


Marello offers functionality to process your product returns. Returns can be created in Marello or pre-announced (and created) through RMA functionality in a sales channel. Once a return is created, the return can be processed based on the workflow.


  • Create returns

    In the ordergrid, a return can be created for that order in the most right column […]

  • API

    The Returns module has an API with which returns can be added to Marello. For example when RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) is used in the sales channel.


  • Sales Channel

    (System configuration -> General setup -> Sales Channels -> Sales Channels Settings)
    Define the default Sales Channels. Default Sales Channels will be added to every new created product.

  • Workflows

    Create your own order process workflow or use a default workflow. Default workflows can’t be edited, only be activated or deactivated.

  • Warehouse

    Definition of the warehouse. A Warehouse contains a name and can be set to default.

  • Channels

    Creation of Sales Channels. A sales channel contains a name, type and can be activated or deactivated. Deactivate sales channels will make all assigned products to this sales channel (temporary) disabled. Sales Channels and Sales Channel pricing won’t be removed from the products.
    Deleting a Channel will remove the Sales Channel and the Sales Channel Pricing from all applicable products.

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