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Save time with Marello's DOP

Digital Operations Platform for B2B Wholesale

Empowering business-to-business owners with real-time insights into their operations. Marello helps companies keep track of back-office data in a centralized database, manage inventory and orders, streamline their sales process, and drive growth.

Wholesale Operations Platform

Save time with Marello’s Digital Operations Platform for B2B wholesale. Make Digital Operations easy for yourself and your business. The wholesale industry is growing fast and businesses are increasingly selling their products online. Marello allows companies to centralize all back-office data, empowering business-to-business with real-time insights into their operations.

Grow your B2B business with a DOP

B2B sales deal with longer buying cycles, higher costs of customer acquisition, and advanced integrations and therefore need to manage complex operations. Many different software solutions deal with the processes surrounding B2B sales. But these solutions turn out to be less flexible and future-proof than expected. They don’t keep pace with the new dynamics of commerce. To overcome these challenges, a Digital Operations Platform helps out.

Key benefits for Wholesale

  • Real-time inventory & Purchase orders
    Never run out of stock with your products with Marello’s Inventory Management. Add your preferred suppliers, add product details, prices, and create purchase orders with just a few clicks.
  • Easy reporting
    Use the comprehensive reporting engine to track key business KPIs, and understand business patterns. Make strategic actions by tracking your sales, revenue, and returns for all sales channels. Even if you want insights about specific data, you can build custom reports in Marello.
  • Create and Manage Products
    With Marello’s Product Management tools you can create products, add prizes, taxes, variants, and categories and determine in which channels products should be sold.
  • More efficiency and control
    Remove supply chain complexity. Keep track of order processes and warehouses all over the globe. Gain control over multiple warehouses and centralize orders and inventory data. Track orders from start to finish by registering them and following picking, packing and shipping.
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