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    Whitepaper: A Guide to Unified Commerce

    Why read this whitepaper?

    • Get a comprehensive overview of the term Unified Commerce
    • Learn the difference between omnichannel and Unified Commerce
    • Discover the benefits of Unified Commerce
    • A step by step guide to implementing a new unified strategy

    Unified Commerce

    Unified Commerce is a relatively new retail term which is steadily gaining more attention. But what does it mean? Some retail experts say unified commerce is consolidating sales channels into a single software. Others think it is a buzzword that is not much different from the well-known term omnichannel. A few see it as a way to convince retailers to invest in technology change.

    With this Unified Commerce whitepaper, we try to put an end to the speculations for once and for all. We’ll explain what Unified Commerce is, what the difference is with omnichannel, and what benefits Unified Commerce could bring to your business.

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