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Solution partner advises, develops, and implements customer-centric processes, digital solutions, and innovative design for the brand and sales growth of tomorrow. Today everyone is talking about online versus offline, sales versus service, Amazon versus Kaufhof, mymuesli versus Edeka. But the borders have been disappearing for some time, mymuesli is available from Edeka and Amazon is going into stationary trade and from the customer’s point of view, sales and customer service are one.

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Today and tomorrow’s customers don’t care which touchpoint they use. Consumers don’t think in channels. He wants to be entertained and have fun and his concerns should be dealt with quickly, which is true for B2B as well as B2C customers.

Agens & friends supports companies in designing their contact channels in such a way that their customers book accident insurance or theft insurance on their way to the ski weekend or order groceries in the car in the supermarket in the ski resort, which are provided for them and can be taken away when they arrive will be online or when picked up, no matter!

We call it unified commerce.

For us, unified commerce means the digitization of companies in all dimensions. The aim must be to work out the potential of the change dynamics of the company and to adequately map the benefits and importance of the value chain of unified commerce over the entire customer journey.

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