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October 31, 2019
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New Release: Marello 2.2

Marello 2.2

Brand New Features

We are proud to announce that we have released Marello 2.2! This version of Marello includes new features and improvements that make Marello even more versatile for your business. Here are some of the new features that we’ve added in the 2.2 release.

Companies and users

You can now add companies in Marello, to which multiple users can be assigned. This will help you to structure your B2B sales!

Purchase Order Notifications

Marello now sends you a notification whenever your Purchase Orders are ready for review. This means spending less time on manual monitoring, and always having a comprehensive overview of all pending PO’s.

Ship now, pay later

Because of popular demand, we’ve added a second B2C order workflow. With this new workflow, it is possible to ship an item first before the order is paid for. Add it straight out of the box saving valuable time!

And there’s more: Release Notes

These release notes are for the Marello 2.2 CE and EE release.


  • Added Company entity to represent a company which can have multiple users assigned to it
  • Added PaymentTerm entity to allow for a payment deadline
  • Send out notifications to the user when purchase orders are ready for review
  • Added a second B2C workflow where the shipping and payment have been reversed to allow for ‘pay later’ options, the workflow is disabled by default

List of improvements

  • Fixed the InventoryLevelCollection type where the form would not show an empty InventoryLevel which made it impossible to manage the inventory for the specific item, thanks @clicktrend
  • Disabled audible options for InventoryItem and BalancedInventoryLevel to reduce the number of messages being produced in the message queue when inventory is mass updated
  • Fixed the previously slower loading images in the product grid where they were loaded from a different directory causing it to load slower
  • Updated the product grid columns to let the product grid load faster by reducing the number of joins in the grid
  • Added quick navigation links on some of the view pages and in grids for faster navigation to related entities where users have access to, thanks for reporting @brainOut
  • Added ownership to child items to apply ACL to them, i.e. OrderItem, InvoiceItem, etc.
  • Added fix to check if the product exists before trying to look it up when importing InventoryLevels, thanks for reporting @Peekmo
  • Added fix to check if an OrderItem status is already set when it’s created programmatically, thanks for reporting @Peekmo
  • Fixed issue with getting data of non-existent related entities in invoice and credit memo items grid, thanks for reporting @Peekmo
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