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March 19, 2019
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Magement Joins Marello Technology Partnership Program

We are excited to tell you that Magement, a data integration platform, has joined as a technology partner. Magement gives users better insights and control of data streams. With its user-friendly interface, data streams can be configured and monitored easily.


Magement and Marello have become technology partners to complement each others areas of expertise. We often see commerce sites export and import specific data to a variety of systems at different times, often resulting in complex data structures.

Magement’s cloud-based platform allows IT systems, applications, and data connections to be more reliable and faster. The solution connects in- and outgoing data from other applications and monitors the data streams, making the connections easier to manage.

Marello and Magement Partnership

Our partnership with Magement enables companies to use Marello within their ecosystem without platform-side coding.

Magement offers an extensive set of features that enable businesses to connect their applications and data to Marello. To achieve optimal efficiency and streamlined processes, it’s likely that multiple business applications like ERP and WMS systems need to be connected. These applications have different ways to extract and receive data, and the structure of the data varies. Magement offers the right solutions and tools to enable the integration of applications from simple to complex use cases.

Want to know more?

Interested in this solution? Take a look at Magement’s website or get in touch!


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