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June 5, 2018
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Release: Marello Enterprise Edition 1.2 & Community Edition 1.4

We are excited to inform you that today we have released Enterprise Edition 1.2 and Community Edition 1.4. The new releases include new features, which are included below in the release notes.

Enterprise Edition 1.2 & Community Edition 1.4 Release Notes


  • Product Duplication (EE & CE)
  • Product Categories (EE & CE)

Purchase orders:

  • Calculation of Totals per Line Items (EE & CE)
  • Calculation of Grand totals (EE & CE)
  • Ability to choose how a Purchase Order should be sent to a supplier (Email/Manual) (EE & CE)
  • Manufacturing code (EE & CE)
  • Ability to select the warehouse for delivery of Purchase Order (EE)


  • Add a ShippingAdress to Customer (EE & CE)


  • Generic ‘mass’ action of selecting multiple lines (EE & CE)
  • Google Maps View (CE)

Bugfixes & technical updates:

  • Products can no longer be added to Purchase Orders before they are sent/received to/from supplier (EE & CE)
  • php 7.0 is no longer supported (EE & CE)
  • Updated to Oro Platform version 2.6.* (EE & CE)

Want to know more? Let us know! Also, download the CE from GitHub.

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