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December 1, 2017
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Marello Enterprise Edition is now Available

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Marello Enterprise Edition! Marello Enterprise makes available a full set of ERP functionalities designed for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers alike.

About Marello

Many manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers go through a daily struggle with their back-office processes. They face many obstacles as existing solutions often turn out to be less flexible and less future-proof than expected; Their software does simply not keep pace with the new dynamics of commerce.

To solve this problem a new ERP was built, with features specifically designed to meet commerce needs. Ideal for mid to large-size businesses, Marello is optimized for all (omni-channel) operations. Its unmatched level of scalability and flexibility makes sure Marello grows as your business grows and easily adapts to new demands.

Marello Enterprise Edition delivers what it promises: giving businesses a better grip on their back-office processes and driving revenue growth.

Core ERP Features for Commerce

Marello offers a comprehensive set of core features, tailored for commerce, including:

    • Order Management & Fulfillment
      Create orders, receive orders from all sales channels, prepare packing slips and process shipments.
    • Inventory Management
      At a glance view of what’s in stock, balance stock across warehouses, purchase management.
    • Product Returns and Refunds
      Handle returned items, refund customers and make items available for sales again.
    • Omni-Channel
      Allowing retailers to establish a clear-cut customer experience with a consistent information stream for all touchpoints.

Read more about the full set of features in the release notes.

Join the live Webinar

Want to know more about Marello, its features or the partnership program? Be inspired, experience the benefits of using Marello and ask your questions live! Join the live webinar on the 14th of December, 4 PM CET.

You can also try the demo yourself, or get in touch with the Marello Team.

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