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March 21, 2017
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Marello Beta2 is now Available!

You might already have heard the news: Marello Beta2 is released! You can download it here. Let us tell you what’s new.

Marello Beta2 new Features

Brand new features in Marello Beta2 are built to create the ability to work with multiple suppliers. Adding suppliers, updating their info, adding products, product prices and creating purchase orders per supplier is now possible.

Added Support for Creating Suppliers

Create suppliers in Marello and add their info, such as the ability to dropship, address and prices for specific quantities of products. Creating multiple suppliers means that you can now work with Marello much more efficiently and effectively.

Adding Preferred Suppliers to a Product 

Prioritize which suppliers products should be purchased from. For example: Supplier 1 is assigned to the Plaid Cotton Shirt. This means that purchase orders created for this product will automatically be linked to Supplier 1. In future updates, more advanced logic, options and rules will be added for choosing the right supplier.

Create Purchase Orders for one Supplier

Want to create purchase orders for specific suppliers? That is now possible!Simply choose the supplier you want to create a purchase order for by filtering out their name. A list of products available with that supplier appears. Now you can easily select the items that should be included in the purchase order.

Let us know what you think!

As always we are curious towards your ideas. Try the Beta2 demo.

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