Blog: Marello Beta1: what to expect? - Marello Open Source ERP
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Marello Beta1: what to expect?

We are happy to announce the release of Marello Beta1 on December 30th! The new release focuses primarily on overall performance improvement. Here is what to expect:

Product Management:

Add Products
Add Product Variants


Default Product Price(s) in Multi-Currencies
Sales Channel Pricing

Inventory Management:

Set Desired Stock Level and Purchase Stock Level
Adding and Subtracting Stock
Import Inventory via GUI
Real Stock, Virtual Stock and Allocated Stock
Inventory Logging

Sales Channels:

Creation of Sales Channels
Set Default Sales Channels
Set Sales Channel Currency


Order Creation
Order Process Flow (Workflows)


Customer Overview

Returns and Refunds:

Return Creation
Return Flow

Purchase Orders:

Create Purchase Orders
Purchase Order Flow

Standard Reports & Segments:

Revenue per Sales Channel
Returned Item Quantities by Return Reason
Low Stock
All Time Best Selling


User Management: Roles, Groups, Business Units, Organizations


Transactional Emails in different languages


Support for Shipping Integrations

Marello Beta1 will become available December 30th. In the meanwhile, keep on following us on Twitter.