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Why Unified Commerce?

Offer a seamless customer experience

Businesses are increasingly challenged by changing buying behavior. Nowadays, shoppers expect amazing customer experiences across multiple sales channels. This evolving need is driving businesses to innovate and use solutions to offer their customers an ultimate omnichannel customer experience. This is where Unified Commerce Management (UCM) helps out.

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    What Problems does it Solve?

    Empower your Business

    Many retailers use a patchwork of business applications to run their businesses. Point-of-Sale, ERP, Inventory Management software and Order Management software are just a few examples. Often these solutions lack the possibility to communicate properly, leaving businesses with a maze of integrations. On top of that, these integrations are insufficiently flexible to keep up with the changes that commerce is subject to.

    A Unified Commerce Management (UCM) platform such as Marello makes sure that fewer systems need to be in use, as well as serving as a hub in which business operations come together.

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    Benefits of a Unified Commerce Platform

    A single view of your Business

    Marello Uniform Commerce Management connects all the dots within your company. It offers a single view of your inventory and orders in all channels you sell in such as webshops, apps, brick-and-mortar stores, and market places. It provides a single view of customers, their buying history, and personal information, regardless of which channel they choose to shop in.

    With a Unified Commerce Management (UCM) solution, you save valuable time and costs, as fewer systems have to be maintained. Have total control of your omnichannel operations within one unified platform.

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Unified Commerce Features

Streamline your Operations

Take a look at which processes your business can unify with Marello.