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What is ERP? – Enterprise Resource Planning

What is ERP? ERP is an abbreviation for Enterprise Resource Planning. To understand the meaning of ERP, you need to take a step back, and take a look at all processes that are present in your business. For example, think of (omni-channel) inventory management, order management and return and refund management. By collecting data from multiple systems and sources, ERP systems integrate various functions into one centralized system. In that way, it provides a single view on these business processes. As all information is centralized, different teams and division can all rely on, and work with, the same information at the same time.


Another benefit of using ERP systems are the reporting and automation functionalities. Automation is established through the use of workflows. They streamline orders, returns and refunds, shipments and more. By using workflows, manual tasks become obsolete, saving time and minimizing human error. Furthermore, ERP features include reporting dashboards that enable easy insight into performance and key metrics.


An ERP system is an essential part of every organisation.

What to expect from an ERP system?

The core functionalities of ERP systems exist out of:

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