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 A laptop surrounded by social commerce icons, such as facebook and instagram

Social Commerce

Dive into Social Shopping

Facebook, TwitterInstagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest. They are all primarily social platforms, but they all also have a sales function. From shoppable feeds to buying buttons, social commerce is slowly but surely changing the e-commerce landscape.

With Marello's social selling platform, you can see what orders are coming in via social channels, adjust inventory in real-time and set up fulfillment rules. Integrate with any social media platform and maximize your sales potential anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Social Commerce

  • Two-way Communication
    Make sure content regularly show up in your customers’ social feeds. Enable them to interact by liking, commenting or sharing your products with friends.

  • Trust & Loyalty
    Satisfied customers will leave good reviews and comments about your products on social media. This encourages potential customers to trust you and buy your products.

  • Boost Average Order Value
    Integrating social commerce with your existing sales channels is a strategy that is proven to increase the average order value.

  • Satisfy Mobile Shoppers
    Social media is accessed through mobile 93% of the time. Selling on social media makes it possible for customers to purchase your products on their mobile devices.

  • Global Audience
    Social Commerce has no geographical boundaries. For targeting an international audience, there’s no better platform than social media.

Selling Products on Social Media

Social shopping is expanding quickly. More users using social media platforms to buy products every day. By 2021, nearly 70% of retail e-commerce sales will come through mobile, and a large portion of these sales will be in social commerce.

Allow Social Shopping on any Platform

With Marello’s software to sell on social media, you can sell your product on any social media platform, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Snapchat.

Sales Channel Management

Orders and Inventory

When you are selling on social media platforms, customers expect a great customer experience. Therefore, you need to make sure order processes and inventory processes are streamlined.

A Social Commerce Solution

In order to keep track of orders, inventory, and customers in all channels an integrated solution needs to be in place. This is why Marello offers a social media selling solution to cater to your omnichannel strategy in one unified solution.

Unified Order Management

Start selling on Social Media

Adding a new channel to your commerce strategy can create complexity in business processes.

However, with Marello, adding Social Commerce to your strategy is easy. Simply add new social Sales Channel to Marello and start selling right away. Reach the full potential of your business by using a central real-time omnichannel commerce management platform. Avoid the use of using multiple software solutions across platforms. Drive down costs and save valuable time!

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