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Returns Management

A Powerful Reverse Logistics Solution

Take care of returned products with Marello's Returns Management software solution. Oversee the returns process from start to finish. From a return coming in, to the customer being refunded, and the item added back to the inventory. Make returns and refunds a hassle-free process and turn returns into an opportunity. Strengthen your relationship with customers. Get a more accurate view of your returns and improve product listings.

Benefits of Marello's Returns Management

  • Accelerate the Returns Process
    Reduce costs by simplifying and customizing returns processes to your needs. Receive, inspect, categorize, and report on the status of each returned product.

  • Reduce Returns Processing Costs
    Streamlining and automizing returns means less manual work and more time to analyze your returns process. Optimize your processes by using the returns information gathered in Marello.

  • Powerful Insights into Return Reasons
    Returns management is much more than just processing returns and refunds. It's about understanding what customers are returning and why. Find out the reasons and make changes accordingly.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
    Optimizing returns management enhances customer satisfaction. It will make sure customers have a great experience, and will not hesitate to order at your store again.

Effective Returns Management

Various supply chain management processes that are associated with returns and refund logistics are known as returns management. Returns management does not only allow businesses to manage reverse logistics efficiently but also analyzes data to optimize processes and reduce costs. When there is an overview of all returns processed within one interface, managing reverse logistics can be managed efficiently.


Support any Reverse Logistics Process

Marello supports any reverse logistics process. Whether your strategy includes Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), Return Material Authorization (also RMA), Return Goods Authorization (RGA) or Return Authorization (RA). The flexible workflows make sure you will be able to support any strategy.


Refund Management

It is estimated that 30% of all items ordered online get returned. Often, this also means providing the customer with a refund. Therefore, it’s important to have a system in place that can process the refund as efficiently and effortlessly as possible.

Marello’s fully integrated refund management tools allow you to generate refunds from the customer’s original sales order. All the information you need is accessible in one interface. No need to double-entry, and no need to write down the customer’s card details over the phone. Just approve the refund, and give your customer the best refund experience they could wish for.

Omnichannel Capabilities in Returns Management

Marello offers various omnichannel Returns and Refund capabilities, including:

  • Buy online, return in-store
  • Buy online, refund in-store
  • Return in store, add to store inventory
  • Buy in one store, return to another store or warehouse
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