Retail Order Management System - Marello: Order Management System
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Marello – A Retail Industry Order Management System

In the retail industry, having a powerful Retail ERP system is inevitable. Whether a pure player or omni-channel business: a retail Order Management System can help to streamline crucial business processes.


Most retail businesses have a webshop, multiple points of sale and multiple warehouse locations, where stock is constantly moving. Employees are selling items, items are being shipped, customers returning items and so forth. Without a solid system in place, there are just too many processes to keep track of. This is where Marello’s retail Order Management System can help out.

The Advantages of Using a Retail ERP

Marello’s Order Management System will streamline processes, improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction. It is designed to specifically serve retail businesses needs.

It uses a single database that allows an at-a-glance view of what’s going on in your business. Marello provides a dynamic, unified, and strategic view of the retail business. Various elements are designed to interact, such as order management, purchasing, return and refund management and customer interactions.

Having access to metrics about these processes has many advantages.

Increased Efficiency


Marello integrates seamlessly with your (eCommerce) stores and helps to transfer all order data to the Order Management System, which reduces manual data entry. Also, having a retail OMS means that all information is saved and managed in one single place, which increases accuracy and efficiency.

Omni-Channel Support


If you have multiple sales locations, you need a system that can manage inventory, orders, and shipments across various locations and channels. Marello can do just that. It will integrate your all your sales channels and ensure an omni-channel customer experience.

Cost Savings


Having an accurate understanding of all processes surrounding sales, allows retail businesses to get a better view on their inventory, shipments, and customer service. Avoid over- or understocking, find the most efficient shipping routes and avoid disappointed customers.

What Retail OMS features are included?

The core functionalities of Order Management Systems exist out of:

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