Reports and Segments - Marello: Open Source ERP for Commerce
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Reports and Segments

Marello’s reports offer a powerful insight into business processes.

The importance of analyzing data and writing reports has become more important over the last couple of years. As it is possible to collect more data than ever before, so do the chances of using these data. Gathering information is one of the main goals of ERP systems, as it caters the strategies that are required to reach business goals.


With Marello’s reports and segments, you can set up analyses to get the information you need to monitor Key Performance Indicators, such as best selling products and revenue per sales channel.


Marello’s dashboard drives strategic actions by providing business performance. Track your sales, revenue, returns and more. Set up custom reports, create segments and alway have a real-time insight into your performance across channels.

Reports and Segments Features

  • Order Reports
    • Reports per Sales Channel
    • Total orders
    • Total Revenue

  • Return Reports
    • All Returned Quantity per Reason
    • All Returned Quantity per Product
    • Return Totals

  • Product Reports
    • Low Stock Items
    • Best & Least Selling Items

  • Create Custom Reports
    • Create custom reports
    • Segmentation