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In today's commerce environment it can be hard to keep up the pace. You are trying to manage your inventory, orders, customers, and fulfillment, as well as trying to keep up with a growing number of sales channels.

Marello helps out by streamlining all back-office processes related to your commerce sales –  all from a single, easy to use and unified interface.

Follow to this guide to find out in what ways Marello can fit into and benefit your business.

At the Heart of the Commerce Ecosystem

No two companies are alike, commerce architectures differ from business to business. Luckily, Marello can easily fit into any commerce set-up, as it can be used as a flexible central solution as well as a scalable layer on top of existing solutions.

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    A Standalone Back-Office Solution

    One Central System

    A central system to control your omnichannel back-office processes. Gather real-time information about orders, inventory, products, customers, and fulfillment. The good thing is that you can integrate any sales channel, inventory location, WMS, CRM, POS, 3PL, PIM and more. This eliminates the use of different interfaces.

    Managing and optimizing processes is easy, as all information can be accessed in a single system.

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    A Layer to Empower your ERP

    Enhance Existing Processes

    Existing ERP solutions often do not have the flexibility to support comprehensive commerce processes and don’t keep pace with the new dynamics of (e)commerce. However, ERP systems are often already in the center of your business’s operations.

    Complement your ERP, using the data from your ERP to feed Marello and unlock many new capabilities that will boost your business. Not having to implement a new ERP, or build custom applications will save valuable time and money.

A Powerful set of Features

Do you have specific criteria for your new back-office system? Powerful features manage and optimize your commerce processes. Take a look at the six categories below or check out the full feature list to find out more.

Full feature list

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