Pure Player ERP for Business - Marello: Open Source ERP for Commerce
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Marello Pure Player ERP

How can a pure player ERP improve business?

Pure players are businesses that sell products and services in webshops online. Small, mid-size and large e-commerce companies alike, can use Marello’s pure player ERP features to improve business by lowering costs and driving revenue growth.


How? Marello’s pure player ERP increases conversion rates by handling and giving insight into, complex back-office processes. Increase your businesses efficiency by processing orders, handling inventory management and managing returns and refunds. Also, use standard and custom reports to get access to real-time insights into business processes.

Marello supports multiple warehousing. Sync all your eCommerce channels, and link them to warehouses accordingly. Bring all your data together and always have real-time insight into all of your stock-levels and stock-locations.

Drive multichannel growth. Expand your sales into new channels and sync your inventory availability. Whether you operate in webshops or marketplaces: always have access to real time information about your channels.

Increase efficiency. Integrate multichannel workflows, decrease manual tasks and reduce costly errors. Have teams work together, create custom dashboards and increase productivity.

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