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 b2b environment in Marello where Purchase Order Management is shown by two trucks who drive to manufacturing locations

Purchase Order Management

Automate and Optimize Procurement

Manage your Purchase Orders with Marello's Purchase Order management tools. No matter the complexity of your procurement processes. Manage any PO workflow and reduce manual actions and paperwork. Increase your PO speed, gain visibility and gain control over all your Purchase Orders. Access it from any location, at any time and have your whole team work together on your PO's within one easy-to-use interface.


Benefits of a Purchase Order Management System

  • Gain visibility into PO processes
    Purchase orders are a vital part of the procurement process. It is vital to have process transparency and visibility. Check the status of any order. Analyze your processes with custom reports and analytics.

  • Full automation, save valuable time
    With a purchase order management system, it's easy to find products that need to be purchased. Marello's extensive automation streamlines PO creation and order placement, saving you valuable time.

  • Streamline your inventory
    See current inventory levels, allocated inventory, and set reorder levels accordingly. Stay ahead of the competition and avoid inventory shortages.

  • Simplify the approval process
    Seamlessly integrate information relating to your suppliers and set up workflows to match your approval processes. Have your teams check and approve Purchase Orders with only a few clicks.

Automate the Purchase Order Process

With Marello’s Purchase Order management system, it’s easy to keep track of inventory levels. See what items need to be purchased to keep up optimal inventory levels. Also, use the automation tools to streamline PO creation and order placement, saving you valuable time.

Streamline your procurement processes with flexible, automated purchase order approval workflows. Define various purchasing workflows and set up approval steps to allow for greater accuracy, speed, visibility, and control. Avoid manual tasks turn purchase requisitions into purchase orders within only a few clicks.

Monitor and Control Purchases Expenditure

Monitor and control your Purchase Order expenses in Marello’s procurement software. Track your purchases and cover any scenario. Monitor expenditure against income to ensure these two are balanced.

Use flexible workflows to manage any kind of purchase orders, whether standard PO’s, contract PO’s or planned PO’s.

Marello’s business intelligence tools will help you to eliminate guesswork. Make decisions data and insight-driven. Analyze data in real-time and ensure decisions about Purchase Order management are easier to make.

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Integrate With your Existing Software

Existing ERP and accounting software solutions often lack the flexibility to support comprehensive commerce processes. They do not keep pace with the new dynamics of (e)commerce. However, in many cases, existing software needs to stay in place as it is embedded in many back-office processes. Marello is designed to integrate with any accounting software or ERP.  Automate data transfers and enrich your current processes by adding new valuable features to your existing systems.

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Benefit from Purchase Order Management in Real-Time

Got many Purchase Orders going out and new inventory coming in? Marello’s intuitive e-procurement solution allows for easy monitoring of every Purchase Order in real-time. This will help to streamline the purchase order management processes for all your teams. The unified real-time view on your inventory will avoid issues that may cause disruptions to your business operations.

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