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 Subscription Management shown as three calendars

Subscription Management

Recurring orders, fulfillment and payments

Subscription eCommerce is a fast-growing way of buying products and services online. A growing percentage of shoppers have signed up for subscriptions, receiving products and services on a regular basis. Turn one-time customers into recurring subscribers with a Subscription Management tool. Provide customers with a convenient and budget-friendly way to buy goods or services, while you benefit from revenue through recurring sales.

Key Benefits

  • A great way to better serve existing customers while growing their lifetime value

  • Forecast revenue much more precisely than in traditional (e)commerce

  • Forecast optimal inventory levels to match demand

  • Streamline the post-checkout fulfillment process

  • Allow for recurring payments for each payment method

Subscription Models

When speaking about subscription models there are generally four types of subscription eCommerce services that can be defined: replenishment, curation, access, and service. Marello’s Subscription Management software enables you to manage all your digital subscription or/and physical serve subscriptions from one application.

  • Replenishment

    Use Marello to replenish items that are the same or similar such as every day, consumable products, providing subscribers with a convenient way to ensure they never run out of the items they use daily.

  • Curation

    Offering a curated collection? Surprise customers by providing new items or highly personalized experiences with Marello's Subscription Solution.

  • Access

    Let subscribers gain access to exclusive content, items or services. The subscription model is well known from subscription giants such as Netflix and Spotify and also includes SaaS (Software as a Solution) services and apps.

  • Service

    In some cases, a product may be bought that includes an additional service. For example, think of boilers that include a maintenance contract or vehicle service contracts. This what we call a service subscription.


In order to cater to any of the four subscription models, many different processes need to be supported in a subscription management system – such as handling the duration, recurring payments, and customer communication.

  • Products

    Subscriptions may include products that are sent out on a regular basis. Mark products as a subscription product in Marello to unlock the subscription capabilities. Discover the opportunities in Marello’s Subscription Management Software.

  • Customers

    It is important to keep track of customer information. By gathering valuable data about customers, marketing actions can easily be created. Also, it will help in providing customer support.

  • Term of Notice

    After the duration of the subscription ends, the subscription may automatically stop or be continued. Usually, customers can decide when they want to stop the subscription from this point on. This is the term of notice. Marello allows for variations in duration and term of notice and sends out reminders to customers.

  • Recurring Payments

    Subscription payments can occur in many different forms. Some payments might be automatic while others are non-automatic and paid manually. Also, payments may occur by credit card, bank deposit, Pay-pall, etc. In each case, customers receive emails with information such as payment reminders and payment notifications.