OroCommerce Bridge - Marello: Order Management System
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OroCommerce Bridge

The OroCommerce Bridge allows for OroCommerce business owners to add powerful back-office capabilities to their B2B commerce mix. The bridge allows businesses to integrate Marello with OroCommerce, and use OroCommerce as a SalesChannel in Marello.


The integration between Marello and OroCommerce can be setup in either a single instance (Marello and OroCommerce installed together) or multiple instances (Marello and OroCommerce are installed on separate servers). Both setups are currently supported. The integration is using the OroCommerce API in order to perform synchronisations between the two systems.


Marello OroCommerce Bridge requires Marello (EE 1.1.* or CE 1.3) and OroCommerce (EE & CE 1.5.*) installed in order to function correctly.


The OroCommerce Bridge Synchonizes:


  • Orders
  • Products
  • Product Images
  • Product Prices
  • Inventory
  • Tax Related Entities

Installation Guide


In order to create a successful integration between Marello and OroCommerce, two extra components are necessary.


MarelloOroCommerce Bridge and Bundle

The MarelloOroCommerce Bridge and Bundle will provide you with the integration and services need in order to create an integration. This package does not include the extension of the OroCommerce API and or disabling of the Order notification emails.

This package will provide you with the code in order to create the integration, cleanup and clarification of the Admin Navigation and clarification of the widgets in the Admin Dashboard.


MarelloOroCommerce Api Bridge

This Bridge will provide you with the necessary code and configuration to extend the current OroCommerce (1.5.x) API endpoints in order to facilitate Tax related entity creation, updating the Order and Payment status of entities in OroCommerce. Another feature this api bridge will provide is the disabling of the Order notification emails being sent through OroCommerce since this responsibility will be handled by Marello.


Without this component, the Integration will not work properly.


Download both components and learn more about the configuration on Github.